“Meanness” and “trampling on the foundations of democracy.” The head of “Belavia” – on the restrictions of European countries on the airline’s flights

The flight restrictions that European countries have imposed on the Belarusian state-owned airline Belavia after the Ryanair plane landed in Minsk are “meanness” and “a complete violation of the foundations of democracy.” The general director of “Belavia” Igor Cherginets wrote about this on Facebook.

The clearly planned actions of the governments to close not only their countries for the landing of our aircraft, but even with a special fascist perversity, close the air corridors one by one. They scoff at us, over people, regardless of the passport. And this is before the  investigation of the incident, in which there may be those guilty, but definitely not Belavia. This, of course, is a complete violation of the foundations of democracy. The innocent Belavia is being punished, and even without really starting an investigation. Meanness.

Cherginets said that at the beginning of the pandemic, Belavia helped evacuate citizens of Western countries from abroad and received gratitude from the governments of these countries. “But today, without even waiting for the start of the investigation, the above countries have actually imposed sanctions against Belavia,” he added.

Cherginets noted that Belavia is not going to cut staff by 50%. Earlier this reduction was announced by the Belarusian opposition blogger Anton Motolko.

Since May 24, Ukraine and a number of EU countries have closed their airspace for Belavia. The leaders of the EU member states  instructed to  completely ban Belavia flights to the European Union.

Due to restrictions, Belavia has suspended flights to more than 10 countries. Airline passengers are returning tickets en masse.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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