Biden to speak with Zelensky before meeting with Putin – Foreign Ministry

21:45, 28.05.21 – UNIAN

The Ukrainian diplomacy is convinced that the U.S. will go for no compromises with Russia on Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine is preparing negotiations between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States, Volodymyr Zelensky and Joe Biden.

The two leaders will talk ahead of the summit of the U.S. President and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, which is scheduled for June 16, says Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Yevhen Yenin, Ukraine 24 reports.

At the talks with Putin, Biden will primarily defend American interests, Yenin has stressed.

“First of all, the president of the United States, by definition, will be on the side of the U.S. interests, but the trick is that in this aspect our bilateral interests coincide virtually 100%. As we have already said, we have an extremely trustful dialogue with our American partners, and Putin’s meeting with Biden will be preceded by contacts between our president and the American president,” Yenin said.

He stressed that the foreign ministry is “carefully preparing” the agenda, as well as agreeing on the organizational issues of the upcoming contacts between Zelensky and Biden.

“That’s why we are more than confident that our American partners will maintain a fairly clear and tough line they have adhered to in relations with our state in their contacts with the aggressor from the very beginning of the Ukrainian-Russian war in 2014. There can simply be no compromises on this issue as such,” Yenin said.

Preparations for Biden-Putin summit

  • U.S. President Joe Biden in his current capacity will meet Russian President Vladimir Putin for the first time in Geneva (Switzerland) on June 16.
  • The American side notes that Biden will discuss with Putin the full range of pressing issues, stressing that in relations with Russia the U.S. is trying to restore predictability and stability.
  • Moscow says the upcoming discussion of the state and prospects for the further development of Russian-American relations, strategic stability issues, as well as topical issues on the international agenda, in particular the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and settlement of regional conflicts.
  • White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that during a summit with Putin, President Biden intends to declare the United States’ unwavering support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. She recalled that close cooperation with Ukraine is consistent with the unwavering stance of the United States.


  • “…the U.S. is trying to restore predictability and stability.”

    Well, half of that equation is easy, Putin is very predictable, its just that some people are optimistic yet foolish and think they can turn a mountain with nice speeches and some hot tea.

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  • I fear that Mr Yenin’s optimism is misguided. I hope I’m wrong though.
    As if it was not bad enough to have been brutalised for centuries by the most evil, genocidal power in history, Ukraine has to live in a world where its most powerful ally is bafflingly inconsistent, to put it mildly. Shortly after declaring ‘unwavering support’, Xiden handed putler NS2 on a fucking plate.
    What percentage of time will be devoted to Ukraine in next month’s‘summit’? In the middle of all the climate crap and other leftist obsessions, Ukraine will be lucky to get 10% and of course Georgia will get 0% as usual.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Nothing good will come out of either meeting. Biden lacks a spine and has a feeble mind and the Ruskies know it. I think even Zelensky does.

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