The Investigative Committee of Belarus stated that there were two letters about the bomb on board the Ryanair flight. The first came before the plane turned to Minsk, the second – after

The Investigative Committee of Belarus said that the National Airport Minsk received two letters about the bomb on board the Ryanair flight, which made an emergency landing in Minsk.

It has already been established, to which we draw special attention, that there were several messages about the “mining” of the aircraft received through the Swiss anonymous mail service ProtonMail – at 12:25 and at 12:56. At the moment, the records of conversations with the pilots of the aircraft are being studied and analyzed in detail, and numerous other investigative actions are being carried out.

Earlier, the ProtonMail service said that the message about the “mining” of the Ryanair flight was sent after the plane turned to Minsk. According to the transcript of the negotiations between the flight crew and Belarusian dispatchers, which was published by the Ministry of Transport of Belarus, the plane received a message from the dispatchers about the bomb at 12:30 and began to turn towards Minsk at 12:45.

The Dossier Center, which had previously published a copy of the email about the bomb, said that at 12:25 it was sent to the e-mail of the administration of the Lithuanian Airports, and at 12:57 – to the post office of the Minsk National Airport.

The Belarusian authorities  said that the message about the bomb on board the Ryanair flight was sent on behalf of the Palestinian organization Hamas. however, she denied any involvement in the message. 

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  • Crazy, but I believe the reaction of Hamas. Only this time!

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The mafiosi (including Mini-Me) certainly enjoy getting entangled in lies. I can’t think of any other explanation for this juvenile gibberish they constantly engage in.

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    • Luka can lie all he wants, he broke international laws by arresting these two protestors. The EU are more concerned about this flight being diverted, than the kidnapping of two citizens on foreign soil. The plane is registerd in Poland, so technically they were kidnapped on Polish soil.

      “The aircraft was still “in flight”, even when diverted to Minsk. No country has the right to detain suspects on a civil aircraft for crimes that were not committed on board that aircraft.”

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  • The Russian propaganda dept are working hard on this. As usual, the more they lie, the deeper they dig themselves into a hole.

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    • onlyfactsplease

      But, the big question is; will the Ruskie lies soften up the eunuchs? (Is it even possible to make jellyfish any softer?)

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      • I think we all know where this is going. I’ll be very surprised if it turns out different.

        “The Belarusian authorities have consistently undermined their own country’s rule of law, and the international community’s reaction has been limited and slow. For instance, it wasn’t until May 2021 that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights appointed experts to document episodes of human rights violations, principally torture, that happened mostly in August 2020.”

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        • onlyfactsplease

          A limited and slow response is the hallmark of the international community. This is one important reason why things are made so easy for the likes of Pew-tin and loony Luka.

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