Near Orenburg, schoolchildren brought posters to the line with requests for repairs. One of the parents was accused of “involving minors in rallies”

In the village of Aleksandrovka, Buzuluk District, Orenburg Region, two administrative protocols were drawn up against a parent of one of the students of a local school after the children came to the school assembly with posters calling for the school to be repaired. 

The building of the village school was recognized as emergency in 2019, after which the children were transferred to classes in the building of the former kindergarten. Since then, the school’s management has been unable to find funding for the renovation. 

On the day of the last call, May 22, schoolchildren came to the line with posters “Renovate our school”, “Pay attention to us” and “Education is a right, not a service.” During the line-up, the parents recorded a video message that they sent to the governor and the president. 

After that, the regional Ministry of Education immediately found money for repairs, however, according to Orenday, the parents and students themselves were summoned to the police, threatening with fines for participating in an unauthorized rally. 

As a result, protocols were drawn up against one of the parents under articles on organizing a mass action without prior notice and on involving minors in protest actions. He faces a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles. 

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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