Ukrainian army evaluating capabilities of new, domestically developed UGVs

Ukrainian army evaluating capabilities of new, domestically developed UGVs

27.05.2021 11:52

The Ukrainian Air Assault Forces have held a demonstration of new unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) offered by top leading domestic manufacturers, Defense Express has reported.

According to the report, at their training and testing range located outside Zhytomyr, the Air Assault Forces have recently staged a demo of combat UGV projects being developed by companies from Kyiv, Zaporizhia, and Lviv.

The UGV platforms demonstrated were Roboneers’ Ironclad, Infocom’s Laska 2.0 and Gnom/Dwarf, and Robotics’ RSVK-M Myslyvets/Hunter.

The purpose of the demo was to validate and verify the UGVs’capabilities stated by developers.

“The best option for the soldiers in the field would be a versatile robotic platform, on which weapon systems could be mounted/dismounted as needed; and which could easily be converted for other tasks,” said Air Assault Forces Commander, Lieutenant General Yevhen Moisyuk.

In Ukraine, broad operational deployment of unmanned platforms is seen as a key element of the military modernization effort.

Combat capable UGVs are included for procurement into the Government Defense Acquisition Contract 2021.


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