Meet Russian All-Terrain Motorcycle, the Hamyak (“or Hamster”) — Robert’s Adventure

There’s nothing that piques my interest quite like a vehicle that appears to be in the far extreme of a category – any category, really.  And with the pedigree of a motorcycle, bloodlines rooted firmly in Russia, and the general appearance of a tank, the Hamyak fits that description to a tee. According to a […]

Meet Russian All-Terrain Motorcycle, the Hamyak (“or Hamster”) — Robert’s Adventure


  • No steering! Everything is a tank to a Moskal.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I am a motorcyclist and I think that this thing is the stupidest, most useless piece of garbage ever that tries to call itself a motorcycle. Any dirtbike is more mobile, faster, useful, lighter, maintenance-friendly and good-looking.
    It’s no wonder that in the economic world, mafia land is still only mainly a giant gas station and ore depot.

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    • You just don’t have the tank mentality bro…LMFAO……..

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    • англійський масон

      I can’t imagine any sane person favouring this over a Bike.

      You probably can’t even lift the cunting thing, it likely only does a few miles to the gallon even when it does work, then probably makes so much noise and blows so much smoke its tactically useless like all the other shit they make.

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