The State Duma adopted in the second reading “the law against the FBK”. Running in the elections was banned even for speaking out in support of extremist organizations

The State Duma adopted in the second, main reading a bill that prohibits participation in elections for people involved in the activities of an extremist or terrorist organization. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

In the first reading, the bill was adopted on May 18. After that, amendments were made to it, which prohibit those involved in the extremist organization from participating in elections at all levels, and not only in elections to the State Duma (initially, the bill was only about them).

In addition, by the second reading, the bill clarified what exactly would be considered involvement in an extremist organization. Signs of involvement include statements in support of the organization on the Internet and the transfer of money to it.

The third, final reading of the document in the State Duma is expected on May 26.

The bill was submitted to the State Duma shortly after the Moscow prosecutor’s office demanded that Alexei Navalny ‘s FBK be recognized as an extremist organization. The media began to call the initiative “the law against the FBK”.

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  • People who support democracy in The Russia , will be banned from participation in it!

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  • Basically, anyone who dares to oppose the dwarf nazi, will be declared an extremist. Poisoned with Novichok, suffer a heart attack or tossed out of a 9th storey window.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Mafia land is already a fascist/communist kleptocratic crime syndicate. It is itself an extremist and terrorist organization. It is in line with North Korea. The “Duma” is a sham like any “elections” and “referendums” in mafia land.

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