The human rights project has stopped work in Russia. His employees were taken to Europe

The human rights project has suspended operations in Russia over concerns for the safety of its employees.

As stated in a statement on the organization’s website, the reason for this was the “special operation of the KGB, SVR and FSB against Roman Protasevich, ” which “testifies that Lukashenko and Putin now do not even hide anything and are ready to act openly with the aim of organizing reprisals against undesirable “.

Almost all of our coordinators have survived several searches and detentions, but now that we see the scale of arbitrariness and de facto “state terrorism”, there are no illusions and we simply have no right to continue working in the usual format and risk the lives of our colleagues in Russia … We completely transfer all work with the video archive, with documents and appeals to the territory of Europe, to places far from the borders with Russia for more than 3000 kilometers.

In recent years, a number of key project coordinators have already gradually left Russia, and now we are abandoning representation in the Russian Federation without prejudice to the work of the project and the protection of human rights.

The site and the YouTube channel, as well as the hotline and the Internet reception of the project will continue their previous work, and the organization’s employees will be able to conduct independent investigations into the facts of torture and corruption “out of reach of operatives of the FSB, FSIN, Ministry of Internal Affairs and KGB,” the head said organizations Vladimir Osechkin.

The project, which is engaged in protecting the rights of prisoners and collecting data on illegal actions of the FSIN employees, was founded by human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin in 2011. The organization has repeatedly talked about torture in Russian colonies. Osechkin himself left Russia back in 2015. In Moscow, he was arrested in absentia on a fraud case.

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