Movie about ATO heroes shown in occupied Sevastopol instead of separatist Militia woman

A movie about the heroes of ATO was shown in the central cinema of occupied Sevastopol instead of the Militia woman propaganda film. This is reported by separatist media with reference to the audience of the film screening.

“Yesterday, due to the fault of Sevastopol Kino state autonomous institution of culture and sports (head Dmitriy Garnega), the screening of film Militia woman presented by the creative team from Luhansk as part of the Golden Knight film festival was disrupted. The event took place, but fell through in the Moskva cinema with a large crowd of people”, – an eyewitness complained.

According to him, “a Ukrainian film about the ATO heroes began at the beginning of the demonstration instead of the announced film, and only the intervention of Roman Razum stopped this provocation. The mistake occurred, the employees of the cinema told us. How does it feel? It is a shame for our city and before the LNR cinematographers”, – he says indignantly.

As previously reported, Moscow refused to show the Militia woman propaganda film in cinemas, filmed on the topic of the war in the occupied Donbas.

(C)OSTROV 2021

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