Belarusian authorities read out a letter about the bomb on board the Ryanair plane. It was allegedly threatened to blow up by the Hamas movement

The bomb report on the Ryanair flight, which flew from Athens to Vilnius on May 23 and made an emergency landing in Minsk, was sent on behalf of the Hamas movement . This was stated by the director of the aviation department of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Belarus Artem Sikorsky, reports

According to Sikorsky, the following letter in English was sent to the e-mail of the Minsk national airport.

We Hamas soldiers demand that Israel cease fire in the Gaza Strip. We demand that the European Union renounce its support for Israel in this war. It is known that the participants of the Delfi Economic Forum are returning home by flight … 4978. A bomb is planted in this plane. If you do not fulfill our demands, the bomb will explode on May 23 over Vilnius.

Sikorsky said that Belarusian air traffic controllers informed the crew of the Ryanair aircraft about the declared threat, after which the crew decided to land at the Minsk national airport. The official stressed that “there was no pressure or coercion to land the aircraft.”

In turn, the commander of the air force and air defense forces of the armed forces of Belarus Igor Golub said that the MiG-29 fighter was taken into the air after the Ryanair crew turned the plane towards Minsk airport, reports .

“It is inappropriate to say that the crew on duty interrupted the Ryanair flight, ” the Belta news agency quoted Golub as saying .

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  • Luka’s spin doctors are working overtime. They blame even Hamas for their own dirty work. By the way,if it was Hamas, they had put a real bomb………………..

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  • “According to Sikorsky, the following letter in English was sent to the e-mail of the Minsk national airport.”

    Don’t they have phones at Minsk airport? Sorry Luka, even by Kremlin standards this is pretty pathetic.

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  • Not to forget Hamas is full sponsored with Russian weapons. KGB and RT are out of their lies.

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  • Lukashenko: Lithuanian ambassador must leave Minsk tomorrow. The rest of the staff on Wednesday.

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    • Earlier we had a post about Latvia and Belarus expelling each others’ ambassadors and diplomats. Belarus reportedly gave the Latvian ambassador 24 hours to leave the country on Monday, prompting an identical response from Latvia.

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  • Hamas denies involvement in Belarus plane bomb threat

    Earlier on Monday, Belarus alleged that a letter purportedly from Palestinian militant group Hamas contained a bomb threat against the Ryanair flight – forcing its eventual diversion to Minsk.

    The allegation was met with scepticism. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the Belarus explanations “completely implausible”.

    Now, a spokesman for Hamas has denied the group’s involvement.

    According to Reuters news agency, spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said the group “has nothing to do with that completely”.

    “We don’t resort to these methods, which could be the doing of some suspicious parties that aim to demonise Hamas and foil the state of world sympathy with our Palestinian people and their legitimate resistance,” he reportedly said.

    Last week Hamas and Israel agreed a ceasefire after 11 days of violence. More than 250 people were killed, most of them in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

    Over to you Putin.

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