UK Defense Secretary calls Russia “number one threat”

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace believes that Russia is “the number one threat” to his country. In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Wallace highlighted the activity of Russian warships and submarines, which, according to him, “circle the entire coast” of Great Britain. In particular, he said, recently a Russian submarine was spotted in the Irish Sea. This, according to Wallace, did not happen “in a very long time.”

Britain, according to the Secretary of Defense, tried to reduce tensions in relations with Russia and “tried other methods.” However, he believes, none of this has worked yet. “Until Russia changes its behavior, it is rather difficult to understand where we are going,” Wallace said.

In March, the UK Department of Defense presented a strategy for the modernization of the country’s armed forces, which focused on the threat from Russia. The strategy, among other things, involves building up the UK’s nuclear potential by 40%. The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova, commenting on the strategy of modernization of the British armed forces, announced the “imperial ambitions” of Great Britain.

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  • “Until Russia changes its behavior, it is rather difficult to understand where we are going,” Wallace said.

    Wrong! Until the UK changes it’s attitude towards Russia nothing will change. Interference in Brexit, nothing done. Attempted murder of the Skripals, nothing done. Dirty Russian money in London, nothing done. I see a pattern emerging here. It’s time to stop the meaningless statements, and talk in a language Russia understands. Go for the money, and stop allowing Russians to inflitrate British politics by throwing knighthoods at Putin’s cronies.

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    • Putin forces good, democratic countries to spend money on defense because he spreads chaos everywhere. It is a win-win for him. Firstly, it impedes their social and economic advancement and secondly, it brings them down to Moskovia’s level. Instead of being civilized and democratic, Putler decides to be evil and destructive. I would love for someone to ask the imp this question, why?

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      • I would love to ask these governments in Europe, why they are so limp wristed when it comes to protecting the people and country they are running, after being attacked by Russia.

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        • onlyfactsplease

          That’s because their little brains are just as limp as their wrists. I know, what I say sounds unsophisticated … but so is their way of thinking and acting.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It’s good that certain individuals recognize mafia land for what it is.
    It is tiring that nothing ever gets done about it.

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