Italy wins Eurovision 2021, Ukraine makes it fifth

09:00, 23.05.21 – UNIAN

Bookmakers have predicted Italy.

Italy has won the Eurovision Song Contest for 2021 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with song Zitti E Buoni by Måneskin.

The results of the May 22 final were posted on the official website of the contest in the early hours of May 23.

Bookmakers have predicted Italy. This is the third trophy for Italy, and the latest time the country won the Eurovision song contest back in 1990, when it was represented by Italy’s legend, Toto Cutugno.

In 2021, the Ukrainian band Go-A with the SHUM song ranked 4th, according to bookmakers, but they made it fifth in total and was number two in televoting.Bookmakers predicted Italy / ScreenshotBookmakers predicted Italy / Screenshot

Jury’s voting

ESC 2021 Jury Voting / ScreenshotESC 2021 Jury Voting / Screenshot

Måneskin’s performance at Eurovision 2021

The Eurovision 2021 Results, Voting and Points, are the following.

  • 1.Italy, 524 points
  • 2.France, 499 points
  • 3.Switzerland, 432 points
  • 4.Iceland, 378 points
  • 5.Ukraine, 364 points
  • 6.Finland, 301 points
  • 7.Malta, 255 points
  • 8.Lithuania, 220 points
  • 9.Russia, 204 points
  • 10.Greece, 170 points
  • 11.Bulgaria, 170 points
  • 12.Portugal, 153 points
  • 13.Moldova, 115 points
  • 14.Sweden, 109 points
  • 15.Serbia, 102 points
  • 16.Cyprus, 94 points
  • 17.Israel, 93 points
  • 18.Norway, 75 points
  • 19.Belgium, 74 points
  • 20.Azerbaijan, 65 points
  • 21.Albania, 57 points
  • 22.San Marino, 50 points
  • 23.Netherlands, 11 points
  • 24.Spain, 6 points
  • 25.Germany, 3 points
  • 26.UK, 0 points


    • The UK was liked in Europe before we joined the EU, hated after we joined and since we left, they hate us more than they hate isis.

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      • I was never a fan off this stupid competition anyway, the winners are usually 5 minute wonders that disappear a few weeks after the event, never to be heard from again. It reminds me off the old It’s a Knockout programme, a bit of lighthearted fun, not to be taken seriously.

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    • I see Wales is in the Euro 2020 starting on June 11. Will be interesting to see how Denmark, Ukraine and Wales perform. The final will be in London, maybe Denmark vs Wales or Ukraine? 😀

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  1. Lol 0 points.

    We are the greatest! What little I did see of our entry I thought was crap anyway.

    I didn’t think much of Italy’s either, I did like Ukraine’s but thought there was one better. Sadly I can’t remember who’s!

    Liked by 4 people

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