Former editor-in-chief of Nexta Roman Protasevich was detained in Minsk. The plane on which he flew was urgently landed in Belarus because of the bomb report. Lukashenka personally took the decision to land in order to “protect Europe”

On the afternoon of May 23, a Ryanair airline, flying from Athens to Vilnius, urgently boarded in Minsk .

According to Franak Vyachorka, an advisor to Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, a journalist, former editor-in-chief of the Nexta telegram channel Roman Protasevich was on board. After leaving Nexta, he edited another opposition channel “Brain Belarus”.

Before the flight, according  to Nexta, Protasevich noticed that he was being watched. In Minsk, passengers were taken off the plane and sent to the airport for a second inspection, during which Protasevich was detained.

At the Minsk airport, they said that the Ryanair plane landed after the signal about a bomb planted – the pilots themselves allegedly requested the landing . At the same time, the head of the communications department of Vilnius International Airport (the flight was supposed to arrive there) Lina Beishene said : “As far as I know, there was a conflict between the crew member and the passenger. The plane has now landed successfully. We have no other official information ”. Nexta reported that, according to preliminary information, the KGB officers staged a fight with the crew during the flight, insisting that there was an explosive device on board. As a result, the crew was forced to request an emergency landing.

The Pool of the First Telegram channel, which is close to the press service of Alexander Lukashenko, published a post with the headline “Belarus defended Europe” immediately after the landing of the flight . It emphasized: “The situation was reported to the president. Lukashenka gave an unconditional command to turn the plane around and receive it. “

Also, “Pool of the First” noted that the plane was located near the border with Lithuania: “But they turned to Minsk. So it turns out, and the dictator came in handy! “

The Minsk airport has already reported that at the moment information about mining has not been confirmed. “Pool of the first” additionally reported that on behalf of Lukashenka, “a MiG-29 fighter was raised to escort a passenger plane into the sky.”

“The regime endangered the safety of passengers on board and the entire civil aviation for the sake of reprisals against the man who was the editor of the largest Belarusian independent telegram channels … We have already informed the Ryanair office and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), demanding to start an investigation into the incident. and take measures up to the exclusion of Belarus from ICAO, ” Svetlana Tikhanovskaya wrote after Protasevich’s arrest.

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  • At least Luka did no order to down the plane…………………..

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  • How will the EU react to this terrorism? Had there been a bomb on board, as Russian “media” claim, wouldn’t it have been wiser to send the plane to the nearest airport, which was Vilnius? First thing all airlines need to do, is stop flying over Belarus, then stop all flights from Belarus landing in the EU. Then sanction Luka into oblivion.

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  • East European Airspace becomes scary.

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  • Time for sanctions and embargo on every Belarusian. Yes, I am dreaming!

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  • Kim-Jung-Un will send a telegram to Luka: Well done,you are really good in your job! It gives me new ideas.

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  • Svetlana Tikhanovskaya
    leader of the Belarusian opposition, ex-presidential candidate in Belarus (quote from the telegram channel )

    It is absolutely obvious that this is an operation of the special services to hijack an aircraft in order to detain the activist and blogger Roman Protasevich.

    The regime endangered the safety of passengers on board and all civil aviation for the sake of reprisals against a man who was the editor of the largest Belarusian independent telegram channels. Only for this he was recognized as a terrorist, and only for this now Roman can face the death penalty in Belarus .

    We have already informed the Ryanair office and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), demanding to start an investigation into the incident and take measures up to the exclusion of Belarus from ICAO.

    From now on, not a single person flying over Belarus can be sure of their safety. After all, the regime is abusing the rules of air traffic in order to capture dissent.

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  • Gitanas Nauseda
    President of Lithuania (quote from Facebook )

    I demand that the Belarusian regime immediately release the detainee and allow him, as well as all the other passengers of the plane, to continue their flight to Vilnius. I appeal to allies in NATO and the European Union with an appeal to immediately respond to the threat posed by the Belarusian regime to international civil aviation.

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  • Pavel Latushko
    head of the representative body of the Belarusian opposition “People’s Anti-Crisis Management” (quote from the telegram channel )

    The fact that today, on the instructions of the military dictator Alexander Lukashenko, a civilian Ryanair aircraft was landed in Belarus using the Belarusian air force is another evidence that international law is being violated in Belarus, the lives and health of foreign and Belarusian citizens are endangered.

    Indeed, the purpose of the plane’s landing was the arrest of the famous Belarusian blogger Roman Protasevich, who is facing capital punishment in Belarus .

    This incident cannot be called anything other than air piracy and an international terrorist act. We demand that this incident be immediately considered by the international community and the International Civil Aviation Organization ICAO for a temporary suspension of air traffic over the territory of Belarus.

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  • Miguel Berger
    Secretary of State of the German Foreign Ministry (quoted on Twitter )

    We need immediate clarifications from the Belarusian government regarding the redirection of the Ryanair plane to Minsk and the alleged detention of the journalist.

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  • Reporters Without Borders
    international organization (quote from tweeter )

    This case may seem incredible, but in fact it is extremely serious. Hijacking an airplane to arrest a journalist is state treachery in the highest degree. We expect the international community to impose sanctions commensurate with this perfidy.

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  • Tom Tugendhat
    Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the British Parliament (quoted from tweeter )

    Forcing an airplane to land in order to silence opposition voices is an attack on democracy and free speech around the world. Belarusian tyrant Lukashenka threatens us all.

    The UK, EU and NATO must respond to this. We need an immediate ban on flights to Belarus and a travel ban for those associated with the regime.

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  • Sophie Wilmes
    Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belgium ( quoted from tweeter)

    The message about the forced landing of the Ryanair plane in Minsk and the arrest of Protasevich requires immediate clarification. It is simply unacceptable. We are following this very closely. They are also concerned about the situation with other passengers.

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  • Donald Tusk
    leader of the European People’s Party (quoted on Twitter )

    Lukashenka has become a threat not only to the citizens of his country, but also to international security. His act of state terrorism requires an immediate and tough response from all European governments and institutions.

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  • Josep Borrell
    head of EU diplomacy ( quote from tweeter)

    This is completely unacceptable. We hold the Belarusian authorities responsible for the safety of all passengers. ALL passengers should be able to resume their journey immediately.

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