Observations concerning The Budapest Memorandum and US aid to Israel and Ukraine

Observations concerning The Budapest Memorandum and US aid to Israel and Ukraine

By Lemuel Chyme; Palookaville Free Press

The USA in 2020 spent $35 billion in overseas aid. Its GDP was $22.67 trillion.

The UK spent $20 billion, despite having an economy of only $3.12 trillion. The top five UK recipients were Pakistan ($500m), Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Yemen and Nigeria.

Israel currently receives $3bn/yr from the US. Ukraine receives $317m.

Given that Ukraine has five times the population, a much bigger landmass and an enemy that is every bit as savage as Israel’s, but massively more dangerous and lethal, logically it should be receiving $15bn/yr. Russia has inflicted staggering damages in mass murder, maiming, catastrophic injuries and theft upon Ukraine. A scale that Israel’s enemies can only dream of.

Given the UK’s GDP, the proportionally correct amount to give would then be c.$3.8bn.

Grand total : $18.8bn. That would be a life saving amount. It would not cost the UK or US taxpayers one penny, since the money would be redistributed from existing overseas aid budgets more fairly according to need and strategic importance of the relationship.

Since Ukraine is a kindred spirit, a vastly more reliable ally than any of the ones in our UK ‘top five’, it would be money well spent.

The UK and US governments should issue a statement on the lines of:

“We fully understand and appreciate the existential threat that Ukraine faces and are profoundly sorry that we did not adhere strictly to the letter or spirit of Budapest. This was a massive error of judgement. Furthermore, we are even more sorry that intel failures prevented us from anticipating the events of 2014.

We consider a peaceful, prosperous Ukraine to be not only desirable but essential.

Although our electorates will make it difficult for us to put ‘boots on the ground’, we can do the next best thing and provide you with the cash, resources and military hardware to ensure that your armed forces can adequately defend themselves from the sinister and dangerous regime that unfortunately continues to menace you.

This $18.8bn annual stipend is exclusively for the armed forces (although it does contain some provision for civilian as well as military medical support in a time of pandemic). Distribution will be strictly controlled and monitored by organisations and individuals of our choosing.

We consider that the above is the very least we can do to belatedly honour our obligations under Budapest.”


There has been no outrage from the public in the US or UK about Russia’s murderous imperialist activities since 1999. Why?

The death toll from the latest Hamas-Israel war is 240, after the latest ceasefire. It is of course a terrible tragedy, no question. Yet why is it that demonstrators; mainly but not exclusively from the hard left/izlamonazi lobby are so outraged by this but totally unmoved by Russian terror, which has murdered more Christians in Europe this century than the combined efforts of AQ/isis?

When Russia was repeatedly bombing hospitals and aid convoys in Syria, where was the outrage? The gassing of civilians by Russian client Assad also produced zero response from western based Marxist street thugs, yet they were out in force when one career criminal died at the hands (or rather knee) of a rogue cop.

Since the 6 Day War in 1967, Israel has suffered c.17,000 civilian and military losses to Arab terror and warfare. A period of 54 years. Ukraine has suffered a similar amount of military and civilian losses to fascist Russia in only 7 years.

In 2021, 37 Ukrainian soldiers have been murdered so far and an unknown number of maimings from land mines. The term murder is appropriate, because snipers and mines are methods of murder, not warfare.

Currently running is a gripping podcast : ‘The Northern Bank Job’,

link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000tsjy

It is about how IRA/Sinn Fein functions as a state within a state, with its own labyrinthine financial/organisational/political/paramilitary structure that decides what to steal and who lives and who dies on a daily basis. It perpetrated one of the biggest bank robberies in British and Irish history: ‘The Northern Bank Job’ It often murders members of its own community who have crossed its leadership. These murders are incredibly savage. Slow, methodical beatings with pipes until every bone is broken is a popular methodology. The sister of one victim said (or words to that effect) that ‘these people are not freedom-fighters. They care only about themselves. The huge sums of money they steal only go to enrich the leaders, never their community. They are just psychopaths with power.’

The IRA’s biggest threat is to the Irish people themselves.

There you have it. The kremlin regime functions like the IRA with nukes.

President Biden has just sent another $120m in ‘aid’ to ‘Palestine’, whose leaders are billionaires who own luxury property in such places as Dubai. But the money always comes in handy to buy weapons, missile technology, explosives and tunnel engineers. The tunnel network built for the exclusive use of terrorists at a cost of $millions that the Israelis just destroyed, will be quickly rebuilt.

The intimidation and violent attacks on Jews in London and NYC are intensifying. Yesterday, degenerates spat on Jewish diners in a New York restaurant.

A convoy of cars covered with Palestinian flags passed down Finchley Road, in North London; the degenerates inside were heard to shout offensive language and threats against Jews. ‘Fuck the Jews” “Fuck their daughters” “Fuck their mothers” “Rape their daughters”

“Free Palestine” etc etc. Some arrests have been made….

But anti-Semitic attacks are played down in the mainstream press unless the perpetrators are right wing thugs, as opposed to the hard left/izlamonazi alliance which is carrying out the attacks at present.

Ukraine was once the most Jewish country in the world. But Czarist Russia, Leninist Russia and the nazis put an end to that. Since getting their freedom from Russia, the Jewish community is once again thriving in Ukraine, as are all the other ethnic minorities that make up the place. All branches of Christianity and the other two Abrahamic religions are not only allowed, but encouraged, including the more fringe faiths, such as the Hari Krishnas etc.

Ukraine is a tolerant, pluralistic society, unlike its fascist neighbour, which continues absurdly to slur it with its own sin of fascism, despite Ukraine being the only country in the world outside Israel to have a Jewish president.

The little capo di tutti i capi who runs Russia threatens to ‘knock the teeth out’ of anyone who ‘threatens’ his fascist regime. Except no one is. It is he who is doing all the threatening and killing.

Budapest signatories: do your job.


  • Very nice article! It sounds a lot like something Sir Scradge would write ;))
    The striking political differences between Israel and Ukraine are stark and nicely pointed out here. I think more people would understand Ukraine’s position if they understood Putin’s position better. But, his propaganda machine is strong.

    Liked by 4 people

  • onlyfactsplease

    “All branches of Christianity and the other two Abrahamic religions are not only allowed, but encouraged…”
    Only total fools will encourage a scourge like Islam to be a part of their nation. Ukraine is probably only doing this to appease the fairies and leftist shit nuggets in the EU.

    Liked by 2 people

    • No it is not. They are part of the fabric of Ukraine, which has had a Muslim population for many centuries. They are fully integrated and cause no trouble whatsoever. Zero. Which is why Jews in full religious regalia are free to walk the streets in any Ukrainian town without fear of persecution. Most Ukrainian cities have annual cultural events which feature music, dance and other performing arts. You will see Jews performing on the same stage as Muslims, not to mention Lutherans, Ukrainian Orthodox, Catholics, Greeks, Yazidis, Krymchaks, Urums, Roma, Armenians (mainly refugees from Nagorno-Karabakh), Hutsuls, Rusyns, Gaguaz, Bessarabian Bulgarians, Zaporozhian Cossacks, Kuban Cossacks, Kurds and many, many more.
      There is no Ukrainian more patriotic than the Krym Tatars, as any educated Ukrainian will tell you.
      When putler invaded, there were Muslim volunteers from day one fighting for Ukraine. Most were Krym Tatars, but there were also Chechen volunteers, Azeris, Uzbeks and others. They mainly fought in the Dnipro and Aydar battalions. There were also three Tatar battalions funded by Turkey. All of these have now been incorporated into the regular Ukrainian army, which now has Muslim Chaplains, just as the British army has had for centuries.
      Would you condemn these men, who fought for Ukraine and continue to do so today?
      Krym Tatars are being taken from their homes in the middle of the night, tortured with electricity and jailed on trumped up ‘terror’ charges. Their ‘crime’? Showing Ukrainian flags. For evidence x 100, see the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group:-


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    • Islam is a disease, freedom is the cure.

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      • In my opinion Islam wouldn’t be a problem if they were all like the Crimean Tartars but that will never happen in our lifetimes.

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        • The tatars are partly controlled by Turkey now. They were very social due to communism, but will not be much different to the rest in the long run.

          Liked by 1 person

            • Well you have no logical reason to Redders. Everyone is free to express an opinion in a civilised world. But just making up drivel like he and engineer does, is stupid, pointless and reduces credibility for this site.
              The leader of the Tatars is a great man : Mustafa Dzhemilev, who led the Mejlis until the putinazis invaded. He is now an MP for Poro’s European Solidarity. He has spent all his life fighting Russian tyranny at great cost to himself and his family.
              The Tatars are not Turks and they are not ‘controlled’ by anyone. However, Mr Dzhemilev is acknowledged as their leader. They have never been communists and have never supported RussIa, which has inflicted genocide upon them multiple times. They are still fighting and dying in the Ukrainian army for Ukraine as we speak. And that makes me really angry that people who have done nothing for Ukraine are posting hate and lies about people who are giving their blood for the cause.
              Oh and despite what the engineer imbecile writes, Islam IS an Abrahamic religion.
              I have no objection to people expressing an opinion, however fatuous. But I object to people fabricating lies. That is kremtroll stuff.

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              • Radicalization is very dangerous and though I hope it will never happen to our Tartars it seems to be growing in the religion. You are too serious mate, its not the end of the world if someone disagrees with you 😉 Live and let live unless they are Moskali bro. Good show old chap.

                Liked by 1 person

                • That is what I am saying Redders. Disagreement is healthy. Making up stuff is pure kremkrapp.
                  You like Trump. I dislike him. That’s a disagreement, is healthy and we are friends. But neither of us makes up stuff about him.
                  You will see in all my output that everything is carefully researched before I comment. If I don’t know about something I say so. I never make up crap just to fit an agenda.

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                  • Absolutely and you do a great job at researching. In my opinion just like during Maidan, Ukraine needs ALL the support she can get. You may remember even the Communists in Ukraine came out into the streets in support. About Trump, I liked his policies but I think he could have been more modest. I think a lot of people are finding out though he was brash and rude and even sickly complimentary of the limping imp, he still had success with him. Journos in Ukraine are very, very well connected. Most don’t make much money at all. My wife is one of them and she’s told me several times she never heard anything bad about Trump’s policies like she’s heard about Obama’s and Biden’s.

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              • I have done nothing for Ukraine, you fuck up?! I will do something very great for Ukraine and leave this site so you can continue to publish your lunatic bullshit here. I was stupid to come back here once more, but it won’t happen again.


            • Don’t stop believing in the truth, brother. I’m outa here, but i will continue to defend the ukrainian people against any threat out there. Heroyam Slava!

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