Yevgeny Prigozhin compared media journalists – “foreign agents” with enemies of the people and recalled that they were shot in the USSR. The Kremlin said that this point of view “has a place to be”

Meduza : Pro-Kremlin businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, in a commentary to Meduza, called journalists from publications recognized as “foreign agents” enemies of the people. He told our journalist Lilia Yapparova  literally following: “In Soviet times, there were enemies of the people. They were shot. You belong to a similar category. ” Does the Kremlin agree with this statement? Are such comparisons generally valid?

Dmitry Peskov : Of course, we do not want to comment on the statements of citizens of the Russian Federation or entrepreneurs of the Russian Federation. They may have their own point of view. And it takes place if it does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation.WHY DID PRIGOGINE SAY THAT AT ALL?As Meduza found out, businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin sponsored the shooting of the film Tourist, about the Russian military in Africa. It starred real mercenaries from PMC Wagner

Meduza : You have already told us that being a “foreign agent” does not mean “restricting our activities” as a media outlet. However, after Meduza was recognized as an “foreign agent,” many of our sources in the government and not only ( meaning the heroes of the articles – note by Meduza ) refuse to talk to us, referring to our new status, because they are afraid associations with a “foreign agent”. That is, in fact, this status limited our opportunities to engage in journalism. This directly contradicts your words. How can you comment on this?

Dmitry Peskov : I can comment on this by the fact that we are now talking with you during our conference call. That’s just this.

Meduza : Tell me, why does the Kremlin need such a strange and not very peaceful policy of declaring everyone around as enemies: “foreign agents”, “undesirable organizations”, “unfriendly states”? Here, indeed, as Prigozhin says, it is not far before the executions. 

Dmitry Peskov : No, this is an illegal formulation of the question. First, the Kremlin does not declare anyone “unfriendly states” or “foreign agents.” In the first case, the government does it. In the second case, this is also done by the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, there is no need to ask questions of the Kremlin in this regard.

Are you asking the question why this is being done? I answer you. Because there are those media outlets that are “foreign agents”. They receive money from abroad. And if you are either engaged in politics, or your actions have something to do with politics, or you are engaged in dissemination of information, you get the status of a “foreign agent”.

And if you take an unfriendly position in relation to Russia, you should be called that – “an unfriendly state”.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • I call YEVGENY PRIGOZHIN an ‘unfriendly person’.

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  • “No, this is an illegal formulation of the question. First, the Kremlin does not declare anyone “unfriendly states” or “foreign agents.” Not according to Lavrov, last week he came out with this statement.

    “Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the list will be “periodically revised,” and that the government will extend the list basing on “a deep-going analysis of the situation,” and whether Russia sees “opportunities to have a dialogue with that country in a different way.”

    So the list of unfriendly states that Russia just declared, is a figment of our imagination? Does anyone in the Kremlin ever tell this tosser Peskov anything?

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