Who are Against Russia this Week?

With an official list of unfriendly countries(opens in a new tab) and high-level claims about the EU preparing a slander campaign against Russia, the Kremlin yet again acts like a besieged fortress.

But this fortress also seems to have an unofficial list of enemies. The best way to find out who belongs to that list is to have a look at those targeted in the pro-Kremlin media.

An article published by Sputnik Italy claims that Russian opposition supports Western liberalism. Since liberalism supposedly signifies only material well-being, leaving no room for Russian traditional national pride, the verdict is simple: the Russian opposition seeks to undermine Russia’s cultural code.

By attacking the West and domestic opposition, the article aims to show how Russia has preserved its traditional social, moral and spiritual values and is, therefore, a superior civilisation compared to the materialistic West.

The EU is obsessed with anti-Russian sanctions, claims Italian Sputnik in another article. An aggressive Russophobic lobby within the EU is responsible for EU sanctions imposed on Russia and the threat of new sanctions.

While this could be interpreted as a compliment to Brussels and EU member states for staying true to their values and supporting Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the actual reasons for the European sanctions are of course dire(opens in a new tab), ranging from the illegal annexation of Crimea(opens in a new tab) to the poisoning of Alexei Navalny(opens in a new tab) and human rights violations(opens in a new tab).

According to Sputnik Greece, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is following an anti-Russian stance.

However, according to the OPCW’s Director-General, the organisation has been targeted by a disinformation campaign(opens in a new tab) once it was granted the right to assign blame for chemical attacks, one of which concerned Alexei Navalny. Furthermore, 18 countries have issued a statement(opens in a new tab) calling upon Russia to end its defamation of the OPCW.

NATO is a threat for Russia, there should be no NATO forces near the Russian border and its military exercise is a provocation.

Accompanied by recent military build-up near the Ukrainian border and aggressive rhetoric in general, this narrative literally shows how, according to the Kremlin, some states are in the sphere of Russia’s influence and thus have no right to practice self-defence(opens in a new tab).

Armenian language readers were informed that the distortion and falsification of the Great Patriotic War is a specially planned work, which is sponsored and directed by the British-American state and special services.

It should be noted that while the Kremlin itself might believe its own version of WWII history, the facts do not support it.

The US controlled biological laboratories are developing bacteriological weapons close to Russia’s borders. If released, they could cause massive contamination, including in Russia, the article reads.

As disinformation narratives like this appear with a certain regularity, we even made a video about one of the most targeted laboratories: the Lugar Lab in Georgia. As the video proves, our camera crew did not find any evidence to support this conspiracy theory.

Ukraine, and its masters in the US, have a clear intention to continue destabilising the region, put pressure on Russia and to ‘Vietnamise’ or turn the conflict into what Afghanistan was for the USSR, claims the Spanish version of RT.

In reality, there is no evidence that the West wanted a ‘Vietnamisation’ of the Ukrainian conflict. Moreover, this narrative also intends to deflect any Russian responsibility in the escalation of tensions that took place on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the spring of 2021.

Besieged fortress that is never wrong

Disinformation does not take place in a vacuum; it reflects the nature of the Kremlin’s projection and power relations with the rest of the world. Some of the reflections listed above lure the reader into believing that Russia was, is, and never will be at fault. Looking at other reflections, a besieged fortress comes to mind, under attack by almost the entire world. Or is it in fact the other way around

(c) EU vs Disinfo


  • I’m against Russia every week

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  • EU vs Disinfo does a decent job. But its budget is small compared to the $billions spent by the putinazis. Worse than that, the EU itself is absolutely crawling with putinoid scum; particularly in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Spain.
    The EU prefers to send hundreds of $millions to help the palis attack Israel, instead of a) helping Ukraine and b) taking powerful countermeasures against putinazi propaganda.
    And there is no point in claiming that the kremkrappers are wasting their time and money. Lies and disinfo work, as that student of Goebbells; putler knows.

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    • Propaganda only works if you have an audience. Ban all Russian media in Europe and the propaganda becomes ineffective. Of course that will never happen as long as we have EU leaders claiming “we need Russia”.

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      • Did you see Stuart McDonald’s speech on that Embassy of Ukraine in London piece yesterday? I highly recommend it. He (wrongly in my view) defends RT’s right to broadcast its evil shit in the UK, but makes the strong point that Simonyan should be sanctioned. The murderous little skank is as much a part of putler’s wars as Shoygu, given that RT/Sputnik is an extension of the military. It is outrageous that she is free to travel wherever she wants and spend her enormous wealth on luxury properties in Europe.

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        • No I didn’t see it, but I know this guy is totally against Russian terrorism. It’s a pity he defends RT, as you say it is the propaganda arm of the Russian military. Rather than sanction her, I would sooner see RT and Sputnik banned in every democracy.

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          • There does not appear to be anyone anywhere even thinking about shutting RaT down.
            The speech is worth seeing, for the good knowledge of the dire situation in the east that McDonald shows. The minister’s detailed reply is also quite illuminating. Britain is far and away the biggest contributor to Ukraine, apart from the USA. Our military has now trained 20,000 Ukrainian solders and the the operation is being stepped up. What I did not know about is our contribution to the de-mining effort, which has saved countless lives. Putinazi savages have made the Donbas the most mined area in the world.

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