Putin threatened to “knock out the teeth of everyone who tries to bite off something from Russia.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the opinion that other countries want to take away part of the territory from Russia, and stressed that the Russian Federation will give a tough response to everyone who tries to do it. The statement of the president, with which he spoke at a meeting of the organizing committee “Victory”, quoted by “Interfax”. 

Putin lamented that “at all times the same thing happens: as soon as Russia becomes stronger, immediately there are reasons to limit its development.” 

Indeed, the potential is colossal, the territory remains the largest in the world, 146 million people – seemingly not so many compared to those countries where hundreds of millions of citizens live, or even more than a billion, but still this is considered a lot. And someone even dares publicly to say that it is allegedly unfair that Russia owns the wealth of a region like Siberia to only one country.

According to Putin, everyone wants to “bite” Russia or “bite off” a piece of it, but to everyone who is going to do this, “we will knock out our teeth so that they cannot bite.” 

(c)OSTROV 2021


  • One day Putler will get his teeth knocked out when he tries to bite off pieces of other countries.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Does the little runt mean bat virus land with this childish statement? He needs to grow a few feet before he even stands half a chance to back up this threat … and this not only means regarding bat virus land but in particular the United States.

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  • англійський масон

    Who the fuck wants any of the shithole with all its drunken gopniks anyway.

    The mad little cunt has got Napoleon syndrome.

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