Kremlin not to expose Ukrainian politicians doing business in Russia

On May 14, Putin said many, including those among Ukraine’s top political leadership, have been actively doing business in Russia for years.REUTERSREUTERS

The Kremlin refuses to disclose the names of Ukrainian politicians doing business in Russia.

This is evidenced by the answer of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov to the relevant question, an UNIAN correspondent in Russia reported.

In particular, answering a question from UNIAN, whom the Russian president kept in mind when he spoke about Ukrainian politicians doing business in Russia and Crimea, Peskov said: “He meant Ukraine’s incumbent politicians.”

To a clarifying question, whether any of them would be named, he replied he “cannot disclose them.”


On May 14, 2021, Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council said that in Ukraine “for political reasons, selectively someone is accused of working with Russia in the economic sphere, although many, including those from the top political leadership of the country, have been actively working in Russia for many years.”

Translation: Kanaryan Lyudmila, Translating by Yevgeny Matyushenko

Read more on UNIAN:

(C)UNIAN 2021

One comment

  • onlyfactsplease

    “cannot disclose them.”
    It is not clear if the sewer rat is lying or not. We must assume that he is since he is a mafiosi and a Ruskie.
    I’m confident that the SBU knows who is doing business in mafia land…

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