“Biden personally advised.” Propaganda Skabeeva warned about “columns of Ukrainian homosexuals” moving to Donbass

Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva said on the air of the pro-Kremlin TV channel Russia 1 that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky had allegedly sent “columns of Ukrainian homosexuals” to Donbass .

Representatives of Kyiv Pride, who are fighting for LGBT + rights in Ukraine, drew attention to this.

According to Skabeeva, the American side allegedly advised Zelensky to ” hold a gay pride parade in Donbass.” At the same time, she clarified that such advice was allegedly given personally by US President Joe Biden.

“Gay parades are bursting into eastern Ukraine and this is no joke. The Americans advised Zelensky to hold a gay pride parade in Donbass, Biden personally gave the advice, ”she said.

After these words, she added that ” this is no joke” and her information supposedly can be trusted.

Such actions of Ukraine Skabeeva called ” gay attack” and “gay initiative”.

“Without the US Agency for International Development, such a gay attack or gay initiative in Donbas would have been impossible. Now the Americans have given the green light and columns of Ukrainian homosexuals are sent to Donbass, ”the propagandist said.

Such absurd statements sound from Skabeeva almost every broadcast. Because of this , the retransmission of the Russian propaganda TV channel Russia-RTR was banned on the territory of Latvia for one year .

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  • Being married to an evil sack of shit like you would turn any man gay.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Every mafia military parade is a gay parade. And, the recently created children’s military cohort serves the mafiosi’s pedophile tendencies.

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  • англійський масон

    Imagine the scene.

    ‘Oh my God, there’s thousands of Homosexuals heading this way!’

    ‘Fuck! we’re all gonna be bummed!’

    ‘Backs to the wall boys!’

    Then they hear it. quietly at first. But soon there was no mistaking it.

    The Battle cry of the Homos.

    ‘We’ve seen ya,
    we’ve gotcha
    and now we’re gonna Bum ya’.
    ‘We’ve seen ya,
    we’ve gotcha
    and now we’re gonna Bum ya’.
    ‘We’ve seen ya,
    we’ve gotcha
    and now we’re gonna Bum ya’.

    There’s no such thing as too much Lube.

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    • LOL…
      The funny thing is, if this really did happen, France and Germany might change their minds about Ukraine…;)

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      • англійський масон

        I just wonder where she thinks anywhere could organise ‘columns of Homosexuals’ let alone Ukraine.

        Obviously all the millions leaving Ukraine, as the shithole trolls keep claiming, are not Homos, which leaves all the Homos behind to march on Donbass in a Bumming invasion.

        She’s only scared her hubby will prefer to bum a Bloke instead of bumming her.

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  • Oh no Ukraine’s fiendish plot has been exposed to the world!
    An elite Corp of men experienced in rear echelon operations.
    Able to deliver deep penetrating attacks from behind.
    Pounding into the enemy mercilessly until they cry out in…well you get the idea.

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  • англійський масон

    Shorty is getting all excited and is planning an extended visit as he says ‘All those Cocks and nobody to suck them, I better get there quick.’

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