Germany greenlights work on Nord Stream 2 in its waters – media

In early May, Germany’s Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) filed a lawsuit against the construction in Germany’s exclusive economic

Work to complete the subsea Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can go ahead in German waters.

That was reported by Germany’s federal maritime regulator BSH on Monday, as reported by Reuters.

It is noted that two environmental groups in January filed complaints with BSH against a move to expand the period during which construction work could theoretically take place, effectively preventing further work on the pipeline.

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  • And meanwhile, Russian military hardware is ready to move into Ukraine when this pipeline opens. The evidence is right there in front of Merkle and company but they MUST continue to get cheap narcotics from Mordor. Oh its just an economic project?

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  • Yes, economics, more millions on Merkel’s Russian saving account.


  • onlyfactsplease

    The fat muslima has given the orders. Ukraine, being dependent on a crime syndicate, murders by her business partner, waging a war in Europe, massive propaganda campaigns against the west, angering the US and other EU members … all of this does not matter a bit for this fat fascist whore.

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