SuperJob: 20% of Russians are ready to get vaccinated in order to travel abroad, 42% do not want to be vaccinated under any circumstances

20% of participants in a survey conducted by job search service SuperJob said they are ready to get vaccinated against coronavirus if this becomes the only way to travel abroad.

Another 18% of survey participants plan to get vaccinated anyway. 42% of respondents are not going to get vaccinated under any circumstances. 20% found it difficult to answer.

Men were more likely than women to be vaccinated for the sake of traveling abroad (21% versus 18%). The highest proportion of those who are ready for vaccination in order to travel abroad is among people under 34 (26%) and with a salary above 80 thousand rubles (20%).

Among those who do not want to be vaccinated under any circumstances, there are more women than men (44% versus 41%), people aged 35 to 44 (46%) and people with a salary of up to 50 thousand rubles (46%) …

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • Why should supporters of a criminal fascist regime be allowed to travel to civilisation anyway? Let them go for their holidays in Sharm El Sheikh, Nicaragua, Cuba, NK and other shitholes.

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  • The Russians stay in their Gulag afraid for the Putinka Vaccin. Corona is not that bad! hahahahahahaha.

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  • And moreover,more Russians will die from corona……………………….and less people will visit Russia if there are still a fews who like it.

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