Putin’s regime may collapse unexpectedly, same as Soviet Union – Crimean Tatar Leader

Crimea will return under Ukrainian control as soon as the totalitarian regime collapses in the Russian Federation, and it may happen at any moment, Leader of Crimean Tatars and Member of Ukrainian Parliament Mustafa Dzhemilev believes.

“When will Crimea return to Ukraine? Totalitarian regimes collapse completely unexpectedly. It was the same with the Soviet Union too. Until recently, they thought that the USSR was for centuries,” he said in an interview with Ukrainian media.

The Crimean Tatar leader claimed that the regions would separate from Russian Federation after the collapse.

“The same will happen with the Russian Federation. Regions will sprout, just as the republics divided from the Soviet Union,” Dzhemilev added.

Moreover, he said, Russian Federation’s potential cannot be compared with the Soviet Union. Russia’s GDP is lower than Italy, which is ten times lower than that of the Russian Federation.

The politician asserted that Russia spends most of its budget to military equipment and propaganda.

“But Russia continues to allocate huge amounts of money for military purposes. They spend nearly five times less per serviceman than NATO countries. Their priority is weapons and propaganda,” Dzhemilev said.

(C)QHA 2021


  • англійський масон

    Further proof Crimeans don’t want to be katsup.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It’s the basic laws of economics that the stupid mafiosi simply cannot comprehend and it’s a mafia state that is evaporating itself from the inside out. The question is not if it will collapse, but when.

    “And so, in theory, all this could have worked (privatization in post-Soviet Union Russia) if they had done it in the proper stages. And the proper stages would have been, first, to create an independent court system; second, to create a regulatory framework and regulators that were honest and ready to regulate; and, third, have some kind of culture of independent property. But they (Russian governemnt) didn’t do any of that, and so they just let a free-for-all happen, and the free-for-all without rules ended up in a situation where policemen were working for the oligarchs, arresting their enemies. Nurses had to prostitute themselves to support their families. Art museums were selling art off the walls to keep the place heated. Professors were driving around as taxi drivers. And that was the Russia that was created by these 22 oligarchs and by this system of chaos.”
    “Capitalisn’t: The failure of Russian capitalism”

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