The fortune of Russian billionaires has exceeded one third of the country’s GDP. This is the highest rate in the world.

The total wealth of Russian billionaires is 35% of the country’s GDP. The corresponding calculations were made by The Financial Times. 

Among all the countries included in the survey, Russia ranked first in terms of the share of the fortune of billionaires. In 2020, this share increased by 10 percentage points at once. 

Sweden is on the second place in the list – the fortune of billionaires of this country is 30% of GDP. The top five also included India (20%), the United States (19%) and France (17%). 

All billionaires in the Financial Times ranking are divided into “hereditary”, “good” (those who made their fortune in the technological sectors of the economy) and “bad” (those who made their money in potentially corrupt or unsustainable industries). Mexico, Russia and Australia lead in terms of the proportion of “bad” billionaires, while the percentage of “good” billionaires is highest in Taiwan, China and South Korea.

Forbes previously wrote that 2020 was an unprecedented year for the growth of the wealth of the super-rich. In the latest version of the annual list of billionaires, compiled by the publication, there were 2,755 people – 660 more than a year earlier. Their total fortune increased from $ 5 to $ 13 trillion in a year. 

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  • onlyfactsplease

    A very large portion of that wealth could be confiscated by Western nations and their territories. The money could be used to do a lot of good. Another positive side effect would be that the losses would anger Pew-tin’s buddies in arms to the point of putting real fear into the dwarf. I don’t know why we haven’t done so already. Are there so many suckling on Ruskie money titts?

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