Roger Waters, Sitting by Poster Comparing America to Nazis, Trashes Israel

Roger Waters (Screenshot / YouTube / RT)
Screenshot / YouTube / RT

ROBERT KRAYCHIK. 14 May 2021632

Former Pink Floyd frontman Rogers Waters used a poster linking America and Nazism as a backdrop during an interview with RT on Friday.

Waters spoke with RT — formerly known as Russia Today, a English-lnguage news media outlet run by the Russian government — about ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

The poster had the message “USSA,” with the two ses, referring to the Nazi Germany’s Schutzstaffel paramilitary, commonly referred to with the acronym “SS.” Waters joined RT remotely from his apartment in New York City.

Water said Palestinians are morally obligated to use violence against Israelis in resistance to “occupation”:

This is not an equal conflict. When we’re talking about Gaza, we’re talking a barrel full of fish and the Israelis are shooting into it with hugely efficient weaponry. They are murdering the inmates of an open prison. That is what they’re doing. Some of the inmates of the open prison are trying to fight back in whatever way they can, and occasionally they have resorted to sending homemade rockets across the walls of the prison that contains them.

And you can’t blame them for that. In fact, they have a moral obligation to resist the occupation by a foreign power of their land.

“[Israel] is an apartheid regime involved in the clearing of all the indigenous people from the land that they eyed before 1948, and that they’ve been trying to colonize,” he added.

He added, “Those of us who criticize the state of Israel and its policies — its genocidal, apartheid, racist policies — are not antisemitic.”

Without identifying anyone, Waters claimed that people from the “Israeli lobby” had threatened his security:

The Israeli lobby has tried to destroy my career and I know that they have had influence on the boards of some major banks.

I know that the [Israeli] lobby is at work. I have been personally threatened, and I’m not mentioning any names because it’s too sensitive, but I’ve been told that, certain people have told me, “We just wouldn’t want to see anything happen to you, Roger,” and you go, “Wow, somebody is sitting in my house threatening me.”

Waters said President Joe Biden had given Israel “carte blanche” in terms of its national security interests.

“[Bideb] will make no change at all,” he remarked. “He will take no action on settlements. In fact, he has simply said, ‘It’s a carte blanche. Do what you want. Kill them all if you want.’ Joe Biden has no interest in human rights.”

In 2020, the left-wing former rock star denigratedDonald Trump as a “tyrant and mass murderer,” adding that the president’s supporters turned the United States into a “fool’s hell.”

Waters also expressed support for NFL players kneeling during the national anthem. He described Colin Kaepernick as a “hero” while urging Super Bowl halftime show performers to take knees on stage.


  • Waters has been a frequent guest on RaT since its inception. He frequently praises the nazi rodent and supports the theft of Crimea. Yet he refers to Gaza as ‘under occupation’.
    He berates other artists (such as Radiohead) for touring in Israel. He successfully lobbied the New Zealand pop star Lorde to cancel her tour of Israel, yet the same tour included fucking Russia.
    Waters himself frequently tours Russia. He has a big US tour coming up in 2022.
    I hope that Americans will try to wreck it. Taking money off people you compare to the SS is sick isn’t it Roger? Especially when you are a lover of RuSSia.

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    • Typical Moskali, living in a place they hate. I think Mr. Waters is too Comfortably Numb between his ears.

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      • Waters is a sick, sick bastard. A communist who has accumulated a fortune of £310m, he praised JeremIRA CorbLenin as “a beacon of hope in the struggle against emergent far-right nationalism, xenophobia and racism in much of the democratic world”
        CorbLenin is of course a Russian agent who worked for both Press TV and RaT. His KGB code name during the Cold War was ‘Agent Cob’.
        Waters believes that Venezuela is a ‘true democracy’.

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        • onlyfactsplease

          “a beacon of hope in the struggle against emergent far-right nationalism, xenophobia and racism in much of the democratic world”
          Yet this drug-damaged rodent supports a crime syndicate possessing just those aspects. There should be a stronger term for “hypocrite” for such extreme cases of it.

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  • Here is what the vile putler shill Waters said on Izvestia; another putlerstan propaganda outlet in 2018 :
    (As reported by Unian).
    “Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has told a Russian media outlet that “there are many treaties and papers under which Russia has all rights” to occupied Sevastopol, and “Washington was behind” the Euromaidan in Ukraine.
    “Geopolitics has never been my strong point but I know that Sevastopol is very important to Russia and the Russians. There are many treaties and papers under which Russia has all rights to this city. The change of power in Ukraine with Washington behind it simply provoked Moscow into further action,” Waters said in an interview to the Russian Izvestia newspaper, answering a question from a journalist about Crimea’s disputed status.
    It is worth noting Waters expressed sympathy for Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview to one of the propaganda resources a year ago.”

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  • Breitbart has been extremely Russia-friendly for years, but this is the second recent article that bucks that trend. It fails unfortunately to mention that Waters is a massive supporter of kremlin agent Assange, whose activities caused the agonizing death of US and British intel assets in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other dangerous shitholes.
    When informed of these murders, he said ‘so what, they are traitors aren’t they?’

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  • onlyfactsplease

    This article demonstrates once again why I despise left-wingers and neo-Nazis like Waters so much, who have the same brown, smelly, gooey substance, discharged from anuses, lodged between their ears instead of brains. A look at their heroes exposes their brainless idiocy because they despise everything that they in reality love so much.

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  • англійський масон

    Like a line in a Pink Floyd song.

    Descending slowly into mental illness, Waters is reaping the benefits of the glory days of Floyd with its drugs and drink. Couple that with the constant companionship of the Cambridge KGB and his apparent fondness for a conspiracy theory and you see the remains of the man.

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    • I have a particular hatred for Waters, not just for his repellent groveling to the worse fuhrer since the last one. Floyd under the leadership of the troubled genius Syd Barrett, was an innovative band that produced unique and inspiring music. With Syd gone, Waters took the helm and turned them into communist prog rock trash.

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