Medvedchuk could be exchanged for Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia

Medvedchuk could be exchanged for Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia

15.05.2021 12:33

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov supposes that Viktor Medvedchuk, if convicted, could be exchanged for Ukrainians imprisoned in Russia, but such a decision can be made only by the President.

“President of Ukraine makes such a decision. I think that if there is such an opportunity, we will gladly do this,” Danilov said on the air of the “Freedom of Speech by Savik Shuster” TV program, answering questions about the possible exchange of MP Viktor Medvedchuk for Ukrainian patriots held in Russian prisons.

As reported, on May 11, Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova signed notices of charges for MPs Viktor Medvedchuk and Taras Kozak. They are suspected of treason and the attempted plundering of national resources in Crimea.

The investigation believes that Medvedchuk, among other things, negotiated with the aggressor state to re-register the “Hlyboka” oil and gas field in the Black Sea, 75 km of Feodosia town, for the purpose of production of minerals which are Ukraine’s national resource. Moreover, Medvedchuk is suspected of treason (transferring secret information about a military unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to the aggressor state).

If guilty under the treason article (Part 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) is proven, they face imprisonment for a term of 12 to 15 years with or without confiscation of property. Th f Ukraine) is punished with a term of eight to 12 years.

On May 13, Viacheslav Pidpalyi, investigating judge of the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv, ordered Medvedchuk to be put under round-the-clock house arrest as a measure of restraint.



  • A real criminal, traitor,terrorist exchanged for innocent people?

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  • No exchange unless or until full reparations paid.

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    • An example needs to be made of this ruSSo-turd. Ukraine needs to crack down on Oligarch corruption and this is the opportunity I’ve written about. The other Oligarchs are watching to see what happens. If Zelensky doesn’t pull his skin off and ensure he gets a deadly infection, they will continue their reign over Ukraine.

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      • Off topic: you remember Redders, that I wrote to the Ukr embassy in London to draw their attention to the Industrial levels of hate propaganda published by putler shill Peter Hitchens? I thought you might be interested to learn that I got a courteous and thoughtful reply. They said they thought carefully about it but decided not to respond on this occasion.
        Brief extract : ‘we thank you for your support and watchful eye.
        Your attention to such subject as a Russian propaganda narratives is appreciated.’
        I would have been happy to monitor kremprop for them and keep them posted, but it seems my assistance was not required at this time. I guess they know what they’re doing far better than I!
        I think they should be more proactive, but it’s their call…

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        • Nice job! Diligence is necessary and you’re very good at it. I try to keep my Reps and Senators informed too. As you may remember it was little old me that broke the transfer of Javelins to Ukraine via the Senator and Chairman of the Finance Committee. There is also Stop Fake enjoys hearing about Moskali lies.
          Something else that’s nice you may or may not have tried is doing searches here on UAToday. Put in a keyword that you’re looking for and you access all 10k of our articles here. Keep up the good work!

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          • Thank you. I will try that!
            It would be nice if we could have a home page for our comments and access them instantly too.
            Disqus has that facility. However, I and many others have noticed that upvotes have slowly disappeared. At one time I averaged 10 upvotes per comment. That dwindled down to less than 3. And the comments are now hard to access.
            Re Hitchens: in the US and Britain we have freedom of speech, which should remain of course, but should be examined and refined.
            Eg: a very dangerous putinoid broadcaster with huge ratings such as Tucker Carlson is free to state that he is ‘rooting’ for Russia in its war with Ukraine. The bastard doubled down on that recently by stating that it should be official US policy to support Russia. Now that is an opinion expressed by a low IQ turd and it can’t be stopped. Yet it remains illegal to support Hitler in America. Visa applicants are still asked if they have ever supported the Nazis. The application is rejected if the answer is yes. Yet you can get in if you are a lover of izlamonazi head choppers or putinoid savages. That cannot be right.
            You might be interested to know that vile putler shill Michael Savage was permanently banned from entry to Britain about 15 years ago. Not for naked putlerism, but for disparaging comments about muzloids!
            Hitchens is something entirely different: a highly intelligent person and a gifted writer who has produced a sustained and highly detailed attack going back 13 years on Ukraine and Georgia. Furthermore, all his output can be examined: the Mail Online keeps a full archive on his writings. The word ‘Ukraine’ produces a staggering amount of stuff, including that one from 2010 that clearly and clinically prepared the ground for invasion.
            I don’t think journos should be allowed to get away with that. Hitchens is exactly like the fat kid in the school playground who stands watching while the school bully kicks a smaller kid while he’s on the ground. Instead of helping the smaller kid, he goads the bully on to inflict more violence. 

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  • There are not enough Ukrainians in Russian prisons to swap for this piece of crap. I doubt Russia will swap him anyway, it would confirm that Medvedchuk is a Russian agent if they did that. Nope they will let him rot in prison, Muscovy don’t care even for their own.

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