“DNR” militants plant over thousand anti-tank mines in recent days

In recent days, occupation forces of the “DNR” have planted more than a thousand new anti-tank mines along the roads in the territory beyond the control of the legal authorities. This is said in the report of the OSCE SMM on May 13.

The report indicated that on 7 May, the mission’s UAV recorded approximately 1 250 anti-tank mines in two fields along two local roads 52 kilometers northeast of Donetsk.

The Mission stressed that at least 1 135 mines have been planted in recent days.

The observers note that these mines belong to the illegal armed formations of the “DNR”.

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  1. All donated in the name of peace by the peace loving Nation next door.

  2. Good! That’ll hamper mafia tanks just as well, which means that the Ukrainians can concentrate their Javelins elsewhere.

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