97% of Russian population earns less than minimum wage at McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corp. will raise the wages of workers at its U.S. locations, CNBC reported.

Non-administrative staff at about 660 McDonald’s restaurants in the U.S. will receive $11-17 an hour, and supervisors will receive $15-20 per hour.

About 36,000 people will get the 10% pay raise.

As a result, even the lowest-paid full-time McDonald’s employee will receive $1,760 a month.

At the current exchange rate, it is about 130,000 rubles, which is more than the monthly income of 97.3% of the Russian population, according to the data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, Rosstat.

According to Rosstat’s statistics, at the end of the first quarter, only 2.7% of Russian residents received more than 100,000 rubles ($1,352) per month.

Only 6.4% of Russians had income of 75,000 rubles per month, while 80.1% earned less than 45,000. More than half – 53.7% – lived on the amount of less than 27 thousand rubles a month, that is 12 dollars a day.

One in three – 34.5% – has an income of up to 19 thousand rubles ($257), that is, forced to live on 633 rubles, or 8.4 dollars a day.

One in five – 20.4% – receives up to 14 thousand rubles, or 6.2 dollars a day, and 9.7% of the population’s income does not exceed 10 thousand rubles per month.

(c) UAWire


  • Peasants don’t care, they have a glorious past, and a prosperous future to look forward to. After 100 years, they still believe in this BS, more fools them.

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  • So, according to Levada, they have lost interest in Navalny’s wellbeing. Also they like being poor, they like putler to thieve off them and own palaces, they still think that Ukraine and Georgia are Russia and they remain indifferent to the mass murder and horror that their filthy fuhrer inflicted and continues to inflict on Ukraine and Georgia?
    When their nazi regime finally dies and their economy crashes, the victims can rejoice and hope that no assistance whatsoever reaches these incredibly undeserving people.
    I have a nasty feeling that the west; so indifferent to Ukraine’s suffering, will once again be bending over backwards to throw money at them.

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