EU Says Russia Aims to ‘Integrate’ East Ukraine – Bloomberg

The European Union claims Russia is seeking “de facto integration” with separatist eastern Ukraine through its actions, Bloomberg reported Wednesday, citing a document shared with member states.

Kiev has been at war with pro-Russia rebels in the eastern breakaway region called Donbass since 2014, when Moscow annexed Crimea. Tensions flared this year with a spike in deadly violence, massive Russian troop buildup near the Ukrainian border and tit-for-tat diplomatic expulsions.

The EU paper cited by Bloomberg lists Russia’s alleged organizing of local elections and issuing of Russian passports to Donbass residents “aimed at de facto integration of Ukraine’s non-governmental-controlled areas into Russia.”

Moscow has previously denied takeover plans of the Donbass.

The reported EU paper offers several options to bolster its support for Ukraine, including improving efforts to deny recognition of Russian passports issued to Crimean and Donbass residents. 

Moscow said this month that more than half a million Donbass residents have been granted Russian citizenship since 2019. Last year, they were allowed to vote on a set of constitutional reforms that allow President Vladimir Putin to extend his rule; this fall, they will be allowed to vote in key parliamentary elections.

Other EU options, according to Bloomberg, include lowering Ukraine’s energy dependence on Russia and helping Kiev tackle cyber threats and disinformation. Another of the paper’s options included allowing Ukraine to participate in certain EU security projects.

Bloomberg added that the EU, which has faced criticism for falling short of the United States in sanctioning Russia, said in the paper that penalties depend on “further grave deterioration” in Ukraine’s “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.”

The paper split the ambassadors of the EU’s political and security committee in their views, according to a separate memo Bloomberg said it had seen. 

One group reportedly backed the proposed options while another criticized them for lacking reforms, including anti-corruption measures, that Ukraine should adopt itself.

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  1. “Bloomberg added that the EU, which has faced criticism for falling short of the United States in sanctioning Russia, said in the paper that penalties depend on “further grave deterioration” in Ukraine’s “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.”

    I would say half a million Russian passports are a grave deterioration of Ukraine’s sovereignty. Just be honest with Ukraine, and say we don’t give a fuck about you, Russian money is far more important. So please get out of the way and let the US sort this shit out.

    • I am sick of hearing about “further grave deterioration” too. That’s weasel-speak and an excuse not to impose sanctions. That sort of language surely makes Putin smile. Why not just put it in writing, “Putin please constrain yourself to just kill 2 Ukrainians a day, ok?”

  2. Donbas has already been annexed. The putinazis have no intention to leave.
    The Budapest signatories (yes, them again, there is no one else) must start preparing a detailed audit of the costs that Russian savagery has inflicted upon Ukraine.
    1/ Human costs : murders of Ukrainian troops on their own land, murders of innocent civilians on their own land, torture, multiple atrocities.
    2/ Destruction of property, theft of mineral and industrial resources, poisoning of wells, poisoning of land and other ecological disasters.
    3/ Operating a massive fifth column of traitors, saboteurs, assassins, thieves, politicians and media figures.
    Every single crime must be meticulously detailed and catalogued for a final reckoning. This amount should be published and penalties added each year for failure to pay and failure to leave the occupied territories.
    This audit should of course include Moldova and Georgia.
    Half of Russia’s gdp should be demanded, with a cast iron guarantee that it will never invade again.
    Similarly, the Chicoms must pay half of their gdp, proportionately to all countries affected by their bat pox.
    The above payments should be enforced by ANY MEANS NECESSARY: crushing sanctions, a ban on almost all commercial flights, removal of all diplomatic privileges and the threat of military force.

  3. They tried this already before Maidan. Donbas and Crimea were already defacto ruSSia-controlled since 2010. The invaders and their puppets just made it official four years later. I’ve written off these shitholes already. Ukraine should do the same, as china-occupied North Korea and turkish-occupied Cyprus were quasi abandoned by South Korea and Cyprus. They may come back, but i would focus on making free Uktaine great again and forget about these shitholes. No official surrender, just stop to care. Putin will never return anything, neither will his stinky successors.

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