All alcohol and tobacco products grow in price in Ukraine


From April 2020 to April 2021, beer, wine, vodka and cigarettes in Ukraine grew in price, according to the State Statistics Service.

Over the reporting period, the average price of domestic beer grew by 5.2% (up to UAH 18.35 per 0.5 liter); table wine – by 0.8% (up UAH to 67.74 per 0.75 liter); vodka – by 1.2% (up to UAH 93.33 per 0.5 liter).

The average price of a pack of Ukrainian filtered cigarettes in April 2021 totalled UAH 46.22 (20 cigarettes), which is 20.1% more expensive than a year earlier, while the average price of a pack of unfiltered cigarettes totalled UAH 41.58 (up 19.3%).

As reported by Ukrinform, in April 2021, consumer prices in Ukraine grew by 0.7% compared to March 2021, by 8.4% compared to April 2020, and by 4.8% compared to December 2020.  In general, consumer inflation in January-April 2021 was 7.6% compared to the same period in 2020.

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  1. Here in Germany/Denmark the price for alcohol and cigarettes is stable. But the price for potatoes increased by 200%!

  2. Disgraceful.
    65p for a half litre of Beer!
    £2.10 for a bottle of Wine!
    £3.00 for a half bottle of Vodka!

    How much will a bottle of decent Horilka be now then?

    I’ll be right fucked off if a bottle of Nemiroff costs more than £10

      • If you would meet in Kyiv, we will have a drink with you and your Wife!

          • Might be a bit soon, virus wise, but would be good.

            We need to redo some of the work we had to do there to find suppliers, check existing are still in operation etc.

            Our visit is most likely to be in the last part of the Month, as I need to get to a meeting at a Lodge in Kyiv on the last Thursday.

            Fingers crossed!

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