Some 64% of Ukrainians against introduction of land market in Ukraine, 79% against selling it to foreigners


More than three quarters (77%) of Ukrainians are convinced that the decision to introduce an agricultural land market in Ukraine should be made at an all-Ukrainian referendum, according to the results of a survey conducted by the sociological group Rating on April 23-27, 2021.

Some 64% of those who would take part in such a referendum and decide on the answer would vote against the introduction of a market for agricultural land in Ukraine, 36% would support this initiative.

Some 79% of respondents are against granting foreigners the right to buy agricultural land in Ukraine. Only 15% support this initiative.

At the same time, two-thirds of the respondents know about the opening of the agricultural land market from July 1, 2021 (46% have heard a lot about it, 32% have heard something), and 22% do not know anything behind this. The latter are more among young respondents, city residents and those who do not have a land share.

A third of the respondents believe that the President and the Verkhovna Rada have the greatest influence on the decision to introduce a market for the circulation of agricultural land. Only 12% believe that this decision was influenced by the government of the country.

In the course of the study, 2,000 respondents aged 18 years and older were interviewed by the method of personal formalized interview (face-to-face) in all regions, except for the temporarily occupied territories. The sample is representative in terms of age,gender and type of settlement. The error of the representativeness of the study with a confidence level of 0.95 is not more than 2.2%.

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      • If the industry wants investment in agriculture, and to get away from the Soviet system of farming, they need outside investment, none will come from Ukraine. I only need to look around the fields in my village, most are empty because the farmers never plant anything in them. Some of the finest arable land in the world is going to waste, because the system is broken, just like everything else in Ukraine.

        • Its the Moskali mentality that wants other people to do work for them. I suspect there are many land owners who either just want it for an investment or want to lease it out. I think that’s part of the reason most Ukrainians are against it. I know in our city they want to work but don’t have modern machines to do large pieces of land and they often struggle with erosion. Another indication of that is they end up burning the fields, illegally, instead of turning the land after raising crops.

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