Kyiv: Ukraine is ahead of many countries in preparation for NATO membership

The Ukrainian army is ahead of the armed forces of all the NATO membership contenders in the tasks required to join NATO, said the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak, during the forum “Ukraine 30. Security of the country”.

“I am proud to say that we, the military, are probably in the first place today in fulfilling the tasks required for Ukraine’s accession to NATO,” he said.

In addition, as Khomchak noted, talking with the Commanders-in-Chief and Chiefs of the General Staff of NATO member states, he came to the conclusion that “not all members of the Alliance, especially those that have been accepted recently, have fulfilled” a lot of what Ukraine has already accomplished from the tasks required for joining NATO.

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  1. “I am proud to say that we, the military, are probably in the first place today in fulfilling the tasks required for Ukraine’s accession to NATO,” he said.

    I would say Ukraine are better prepared than the majority of existing NATO members. How many current NATO members can we rely on, probably 5 or 6 at most. The rest are nothing but appeasers and white flag bearers.

    • At the bottom of this piece is a series of links; one of which goes to a kremtroll article by one Scott Ritter, an ex US army intel officer who has gone full putler. The prick now writes for RT.
      Nevertheless his article is quite interesting, as: option a) it contains enough factual information to show that it is unlikely that the US will ever actually put boots on the ground or warplanes in the air over Ukraine. Nato even less so.
      Or, option 2; that putlerstan is afraid of the US doing just that and this kremprop from someone with a credible background might dissuade military planners in the US.
      It does make you wonder how many active putlerstan agents of influence are operating in politics and media in the US? Likely a hell of a lot more than in the Cold War era.
      Link :

      • Ukraine don’t need US boots on the ground or flying planes in Ukraine. Just give Ukraine the weapons, they can make Putin think twice before invading.

        • Ritter is a convicted paedo btw. Quite a common trait of these nazis.
          I think they need double the size of the armed forces as well as a shit load of technology, in order to protect such a vast land mass. Most important : a cutting edge SAM network.
          But even if they get all that, what about poor little Georgia? Surely they need US boots on the ground?
          US kremtroll Michael Savage devoted most of his latest podcast to an appalling blitz of putler-groveling propaganda and stuff about ‘Biden provoking a war with Russia in order to unite his followers’.

          • I think this is the area the Budapest signatories can focus their efforts and keep face. Security Guarantees were given to Ukraine and what better way to really do it than ensure Ukrainian membership to NATO? Period. The Moskali backed out of the BM so now Ukraine should be entitled to Article 5 rights. And if I were King for a day I would add our Georgian and Moldovan neighbors.

            • As you probably have seen me reiterate ad nauseam, I think Nato is not fit for purpose and those very few current members that would fight Russia if it came to it, should leave to form a new security bloc whose members are only accepted if they will fight Russia.
              Either that or Nato should have a root and branch reform; expelling putler lackeys France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and any others that grovel to the tiny poisoner.
              I found yet another article setting out the case for Ukraine and Georgia. Will post shortly.

              • I agree with that and that’s why I’ve suggested an all of the above approach. My point was for the BM signatories to finally do what they said they would do and to save face. I seriously doubt Ukrainians thought THIS is what a security guarantee would look like when they signed the BM!
                I’ve advocated for expansion of the Visegrad group or what they call the B9 group. An EEU if you will. People that KNOW Moskovia should be separate from those that are insulated from Moskovia by countries that know Moskovia.

                • The B9 excludes Ukraine. Why might that be?
                  Get rid of Hungary, or better still get rid of Orban, add Ukraine and build an integrated anti-Russia military alliance. It would be a powerful deterrent.

      • News, intelligence reports and warnings about mafia infiltration, influence and propaganda has been going on for years, in particular since mafia land’s theft of Crimea and starting the Donbas war. We too have mentioned and cautioned about this problem. But, hardly anyone is heading the warnings … or they are cashing in on mafia bribes.

  2. It is not very hard to guess that Ukraine is far better prepared to repulse an enemy like mafia land than 90% of NATO members. They should send their so-called soldiers to pick flowers instead or help with reaping potatoes but never to fight a war.

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