Jerusalem Post: Hamas fired at Israeli village with Russian Kornet ATGM

Members of the Hamas group on the morning of May 12 hit an off-road vehicle with an anti-tank missile near the Israeli moshav (village) of Nativ Ha-Asar on the border with the Gaza Strip, The Jerusalem Post reported.

The vehicle was fired upon from the Kornet anti-tank missile system (ATGM) as the Israeli army launched missile attacks on Hamas positions. As a result of the shelling, one Israeli citizen was killed and two more were seriously injured.

The Jerusalem Post points out that when they tried to evacuate the wounded, Hamas members opened fire with mortars. Later, the wounded were hospitalized, they are in critical condition.

Towards noon, Hamas continued shelling the moshav Nativ ha-Asar.

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  1. If a Jew or Christian dies from izlamonazi terror, there’s always a Russian fingerprint. Rockets are supplied by or come from technology supplied by Iran and Netanyahu’s friend putler, who also supplies Iran and Syria. If you lie down with dogs……

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