SBU conducts searches in Medvedchuk’s house


Employees of the Security Service of Ukraine are conducting investigative actions in the house of MP of the Opposition Platform – For Life faction, leader of the All-Ukrainian public movement “Ukrainian Choice is the Right of the People” Viktor Medvedchuk.

“Searches are underway. Comprehensive comments on this matter will be provided later,” the SBU press service told Interfax-Ukraine.

As the source clarified to the agency, searches are taking place in several places.

As reported, on March 25, the Security Service of Ukraine conducted searches in the offices of the All-Ukrainian public movement “Ukrainian Choice – the Right of the People”, whose leader is Viktor Medvedchuk, a law enforcement source told Interfax-Ukraine.

“There is reason to believe that the leadership of Ukrainian Choice, which is located in Kyiv, continues to coordinate the activities of its members in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, despite attempts to publicly distance themselves from the illegal actions of their colleagues on the peninsula,” the agency’s source said.

On March 26, Ukrainian law enforcement officers reported suspicion of high treason (part 1 of Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) and encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine (part 2 of Article 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine) to three leaders of initiative groups of the public movement Ukrainian Choice.

According to law enforcement officers, the suspects participated in the organization and conduct of the so-called “referendum” on the territory of the Crimean peninsula, which contributed to its further occupation by the Russian Federation.

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  • And Donbas?

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  • Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and leader of the Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk, who is called “Putin’s godfather” , became a defendant in a criminal case of high treason and attempted embezzlement of national resources in Crimea. The same charges were brought against the deputy of the Rada Taras Kozak, Interfax-Ukraine reports, citing a source.

    The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova, without giving her full names, said on Facebook that charges of treason and embezzlement were brought against “two people’s deputies of the Ukrainian parliament – M and K”, who had previously been witnesses in the case. Venediktova noted that the whereabouts of “M” have not been established.

    (C(MEDUZA 2021

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    • It looks like the “Ukrainian Choice” fakers will soon run home to Putler’s mafialand just like fellow member Yanukobytch did. I hope the SBU will stop them from transporting their stolen religious artifacts and golden toilets……..

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  • Zenny FIGHTS Medvedchuk. And now Kolomoisky!

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