Kyiv Says Some NATO Allies Worried About Provoking Russia With Ukraine Membership

KYIV (Reuters) – Ukraine does not expect next month’s NATO summit will produce a Membership Action Plan (MAP) for Ukraine, because some member states worry it will provoke Russia, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Tuesday.

“Regarding the obstacles, unfortunately, there are still several countries among the allies who are guided by the logic of not provoking Russia and believe that sitting and doing nothing is the best way to keep Russia calm,” he told the Ukraine 24 channel.

(c) USNews


  • He is exactly right. As long as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Hungary remain in Nato, they will continue to prevaricate indefinitely.
    Budapest signatories must do the heavy lifting.

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  • Crimea annexed, Donbas invaded, Georgia invaded. Is that not provocation? I think Kuleba is being very diplomatic, it’s time for the diplomacy to stop, and Ukraine started to speak the truth about Europe. Apart from the Baltics, and Poland, the rest are nothing but spineless appeasers, that will be begging the US and UK to help them, should Muscovy ever attack the EU.

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    • Note also that putinazi savages are using snipers to kill Ukrainian servicemen on an almost daily basis. Shooting a guy in the head on his own land is common murder and should be regarded as such.
      Ukraine needs to deploy the Turkish drones.
      Also, a horribly obvious point: couldn’t the US send them some more robust head gear? Brave lads are being picked off out there and it’s disgusting.

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    • You’re right that Ukraine has been very diplomatic while her sons and daughters are getting murdered every day. None of this would have to happen if there was a response to Putler’s fascism 7 years ago but instead we got 7 years of vigorous verbal support which only made Putler laugh at their weakness.

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