European water equipment installed in Crimea despite sanctions

Water supply equipment manufactured by German company Siemens and Danish company Grundfos was installed in annexed Crimea, despite the ban on the supply of such equipment, established by a resolution of the Council of Europe back in 2014, reports the Current Time.

The presence of European equipment in the peninsula was shown on Russian television.

“It is 100% incomprehensible how these pumps got to Crimea. We see the statement of Siemens and Grundfos that they followed all the rules, that they demand that contractors specify where the equipment will be delivered. But the result is visible, and sanctions are violated,” said Mikhail Maglov, editor of the Russian anti-corruption project Scanner.

Boris Babiy, a former representative of the Ukrainian president in Crimea, noted that European companies may not know where their equipment would be transferred.

The Russian authorities of Crimea had already used Siemens gas turbines in the past. Then, Siemens reacted very negatively to such use of its technology.

The Current Time claims that it sent a request to the National Security Council whether there will be any sanctions in connection with the use of European equipment in Crimea, but has not yet received a response. The Ukrainian President’s office for Crimea replied that it was now collecting information about the violators, and then would pass it on to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Foreign Ministry.

In 2017, Russia delivered gas turbines manufactured by German Siemens to Crimea, despite the  EU sanctions prohibiting European companies from supplying energy technologies to the peninsula. Siemens acknowledged that at least two of the four gas turbines it supplied for the Thermal Power Plant project on the Taman Peninsula were diverted by Russia to Crimea.

After that, the German concern Siemens filed a lawsuit against Russian company Technopromexport

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  • As the leader of Germany’s electrical industry, Siemens’ revenue increased continuously from 1934 onwards, reaching a peak during WWII.

    As the Nazis’ demands for armaments increased, and as German workers were taken from the factories and drafted into the military, German manufacturers turned to slave workers to meet the ensuing labor shortfall. From 1940 onwards, Siemens relied increasingly on slave labor from countries occupied by Germany, prisoners of war, Jews, Gypsies, and concentration camp inmates. Indeed, Siemens was a leading participant in the Nazis “death through work” program, and ran factories inside concentration camps such as Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Mauthausen, Ravensbruck, Flossenburg, Sachsenhausen, and others.

    Unsurprisingly, working conditions were terrible. For example, Siemens used female slave workers at Ravensbruck to make electrical components for V-1 and V-2 rockets. They were subjected to all types of exploitation, with the ever present threat of death if they balked. Siemens’ construction operations also made use of female slave workers, yoking them in teams like draft animals to pull giant rollers to pave the streets.

    Siemens’ general director, Rudolf Bingel, was a personal friend of Reichsfuhrer SS Heinrich Himmler, and made full use of his connections to ensure that Siemens did well under the Nazis. The company further profited from the Holocaust via the “Aryanization Program”, which expropriated Jewish businesses and properties, then resold them at fire sale prices to approved companies such as Siemens.

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  • Denmark’s leader is a filthy bitch who hates both danes and ukrainians. She is total scum! But the danish people will, despite rigged elections and vaccination horror, continue to support Ukraine. At least until the vaccines wiped all danes out…

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  • Second violation for Siemens. And another gas pipeline, and no support for Ukraine to join NATO and the EU. I think its perfectly clear who’s side Germany is on. I hope Zelensky considers opting out of the negotiating groups featuring the Ribbentrops.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    The problem with Siemens’ continued violation of sanctions against mafia land could quickly and easily be solved by the USA government. This rat company makes billions in the US. The appropriate sanction would cause great damage to Siemens surpassing many, many times the profit it gained or will gain in the future, doing business with mafia land. I don’t understand why we don’t do that. The same can be said for any fucked-up company that cares only about fucking money! Certainly, the ceo and other top managers could be made to bleed very badly.

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