Primorsky deputy, who accused the governor of attempted bribery, ended up in a psychiatric hospital

Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory Andrei Ishchenko was hospitalized in the regional clinical psychiatric hospital in Vladivostok. 

According to, relatives sent the politician there. Information about Ishchenko’s hospitalization to Open Media was also confirmed by one of his colleagues in the Legislative Assembly. “Andrei Sergeevich, frankly speaking, has been out of his mind lately. These are his posts on Instagram, he was going to fight with someone … I hope they will help him, ” said the deputy, who asked not to indicate his name.

On May 2, Ishchenko posted on Instagram an appeal to the Governor of Primorye Oleg Kozhemyako, accusing him of attempting to bribe. According to the deputy, in 2018 Kozhemyako offered him a bribe of two million dollars through third parties for refusing to participate in the election campaign. 

On May 8, a video appeared on Ishchenko’s instagram, in which he says that he was in an accident, allegedly set up by the police. In the video, you can hear him talking to the police officer on duty, demanding to report the accident to the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation Sergei Shoigu and send a helicopter.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • In Russia they are fighting corruption too. But with a little twist………………………..

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  • onlyfactsplease

    It was a favorite method in the Soviet Union to send certain people into an insane asylum. It was a convenient way to get rid of opposition and other people who were too vocal about the corrupt system or who knew certain nasty details about top people.

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