German Foreign Minister urged Russia to return to dialogue with the European Union

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Russia should abandon its confrontational course with the European Union and return to dialogue.

He said this before the start of the meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU countries in Brussels on Monday, May 10, writes Deutsche Welle .

Maas said recent sanctions against eight European officials, including European Parliament President David Sassoli and European Commission Vice President Vera Yurova, are evidence of such resistance from Moscow.

“ We are ready for dialogue and the time has come for Moscow to return to dialogue as well,” he said. The head of the German Foreign Ministry added that it is very important that “the EU does not deviate from its path of protecting human rights, including in Russia.”

The question of the further policy of the European Union towards the Russian Federation will be one of the main issues at the meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels. No concrete decisions are expected this day. The meeting is a preparation for the May EU summit, where it is planned to decide on the further course of the bloc towards Russia.

On April 30, the Russian Foreign Ministry blacklisted eight European officials. The Kremlin explained this decision by “ illegitimate unilateral restrictive measures against Russian citizens and organizations,” in particular, the ban on entry to the European Union for six Russians in March 2021, who were found involved in the persecution of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny and the persecution of the LGBT community in Chechnya .

So, because of the Navalny case, a number of Russian officials were banned from entering the European Union, and their assets in the EU were frozen. On March 22, the Council of the European Union imposed sanctions on individuals and legal entities from Russia and China involved in human rights violations.

Among other things, the list of persons who were banned from Russia by Russia included Jacques Mayor, special rapporteur in PACE on the poisoning of Navalny, who has a mandate to travel to Russia to investigate the poisoning, and Wasp Scott, a military chemist whose laboratory found and confirmed the presence of Novichok poison in the analyzes. oppositionist.

All EU states condemned Russia’s sanctions against eight EU citizens and declared their readiness to respond in a mirror image.

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  • “We are ready for dialogue and the time has come for Moscow to return to dialogue as well,”

    Does this guy practice being a moron, or does it come natural to him? 12 years since Putler started his reign of terror against the West, breaking every international law possible and you still want dialogue? What has dialogue acheived in all this time? Sweet FA! Whereas crippling sanctions would have produced remarkable results in putting the dwarf back in his cage.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    In Germanystan, you can be the stupidest moron and still be a “top” politician. They are simply too stupid to work at a real job, even cleaning toilets or sweeping streets is too complex. Maas, Merkel, Schröder et al prove it all the time and you can see it plainly in their stupid-looking expressions.

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