Seven years ago, on May 9, bandits staged a massacre in Mariupol

Seven years ago, a group of armed militants tried to seize the building of the city police department in Mariupol. During the attack of armed bandits, six heroes who defended Ukraine, the city and its civilians were killed. The building of the city administration of militia, disfigured by shelling, burned down, but Mariupol survived and is rapidly developing, becoming a showcase of the restored Ukrainian Donbass.

What happened on May 9?

On May 9, 2014, pro-Russian bandits planned to seize cities. Under the guise of a mass demonstration of the townspeople by May 9, the sabotage group “Mongoose”, associated with the terrorist gang “Vostok”, tried to seize the city police department of Mariupol and take possession of the weapon.

According to the plan of the militants, the seizure of the city administration of the militia, which they wanted to disguise as a spontaneous popular uprising, was supposed to be the beginning of the liquidation of all structures of the Ukrainian government in Mariupol. But the plans of a group of armed persons were violated – Mariupol held out and demonstrated to the enemy that the city was ready to defend itself.

“It was planned to hold a meeting on May 9. Valery Andrushchuk [the then head of the police in Mariupol – approx. MRPL.CITY ] planned to lay flowers at the memorial on the Soldiers-Liberators Square. But literally at 10 o’clock we heard automatic fires near the central entrance of the police department. After that, communication with the duty unit and the operational duty officer was terminated. And when everyone who was at the meeting went down to the second floor, they already heard that unknown people were talking about the fact that the first and second floors had been captured. We decided to block the third floor, ”recalls Nikolai Poboyny, assistant to the head of the GUNP in the Donetsk region.

According to him, law enforcement officers managed to barricade the main entrance, but the distant one – from the corridor where the office of the information technology sector was located – remained open.

“The corridor was easily shot through. Of the weapons we had a Makarov pistol – this is my gun – and Sergei Vladimirovich Machine [Sergey Demidenko – Ukrainian serviceman, Colonel (posthumously) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was killed in the defense of Mariupol May 9, 2014 – approx. MRPL.CITY ]. After Sergei Vladimirovich was wounded, it was decided to block the room (this is the reception room), from which a view was available to the blocked entrance on the third floor and the transition between the third and the second was visible, ”said Nikolai Poboyny.

As the colonel noted, shooting continued both inside the building and outside for 30-40 minutes. Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in May 2014 – representative of the OK “Yug” headquarters Andrei Dermin, tried to go into the distant corridor, but was wounded.

“We could not look out the windows because they were all shot through. At one point, I approached the balcony on the third floor and saw that there were unknown persons in balaclavas and with pistols near the car on duty. I fired a few shots from the pistol, but Demidenko said that the pistol was useless here. He took aim from a machine gun in order to remove one of the attackers, but did not have time – I suppose a sniper shot at him, ”recalls Nikolai Poboyny.

Further, law enforcement officers and the military heard a strong explosion. Bohdan Voznyak, a police representative, who arrived in Mariupol to protect public order, was injured. Both of his legs were cut.

“After 15 minutes, we decided to leave the building, because there was nothing to breathe. There was a strong fire in the corridor. We decided to evacuate through the third floor. We tied the roller shutters and fixed them to the battery. We asked for help from the Emergencies Ministry, ”added Nikolai Poboyny.

Six people died that day – Sergei Demidenko, Rodion Dobrodomov, Bogdan Shlemkevich, Oleg Eysmant, Viktor Sayenko, Mikhail Ermolenko – their names have forever entered the history of the city.

How was Mariupol liberated?

The main special operation of the Ukrainian military to liberate Mariupol began on June 13. According to the Azov fighter with the callsign Apis, who was one of the volunteers who liberated Mariupol in 2014, preparations for the operation took place at the Interior Ministry’s training ground in Berdyansk.

The volunteers trained daily for about two weeks. The operation was to be the first for the Azov battalion (now the regiment).

“No one has carried out such operations – the liberation of a settlement – before that. Volunteers improvised. It was necessary to draw up a clear plan, distribute people and storm without significant losses. The preparation of the operation fell on the shoulders of Andrei Biletsky. Of course, law enforcement agencies were also involved, but we were engaged in the main development, ”Apis told the MRPL.CITY journalist.

The checkpoints at the entrances to the city were controlled by the military, assistance was also received from members of the Right Sector and local activists. To block the area of ​​the special operation, about 500 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NG were involved.

The assault on the militants’ positions on Grecheskaya Street began at 4:50 am. The Azov fighters fired at the militants from the ZU-23 mounted on the trucks converted into armored vehicles, and then proceeded to storm the bank building where the enemy’s headquarters was located.

“You understand that you have to be in your place and carry out the assigned task, but at the same time you want to help the wounded. All were eager to help, and all were eager to storm. I remember how Vadim Troyan and Andrei Biletsky even stopped people, because everyone was trying to be in the epicenter of the attack, “said the” Azov “.

The liberation operation lasted about six hours. In one of the liberated buildings, the soldiers found a bucket of explosives, the amount of which would be enough to damage the neighboring houses of civilians.

Recall that the destroyed building of the city police department on Georgievskaya Street can now be seen from a bird’s eye view . The video was created by the MRPL.CITY team.

(c)MRPL.CITY 2021

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