Washington Post: US Department of Justice under Trump secretly received data on calls from three journalists of the publication who wrote about Russia

During the presidency of Donald Trump, the US Department of Justice requested data on telephone conversations of three journalists from The Washington Post who wrote about Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election. This is stated in the statement of the newspaper, published on May 7.

The publication learned about this from the letters of the Ministry of Justice, which on May 3 received two current WP employees Ellen Nakashima and Greg Miller, as well as a former reporter for the newspaper Adam Entus.

The letters said that the ministry received information about the calls of the aforementioned journalists from work, home and mobile phones for the period from April 15 to July 31, 2017. Also, the Ministry of Justice unsuccessfully tried to obtain information about the electronic correspondence of journalists.

The letters of the Ministry of Justice do not specify what caused such actions. Towards the end of this period, three journalists released an article that in 2016, Senator Jeff Sessions, an adviser to Donald Trump, discussed Russian-American relations with the then Russian Ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak, in the event of Trump winning the presidential election. The authors of the note referred to the ambassador’s conversations with Moscow, intercepted by intelligence. At the time of publication of the article, Jeff Sessions was serving as the US Attorney General.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who was investigating the “Russian case”, came to the conclusion that Russia interfered in the US presidential elections in 2016, but did not collude with Donald Trump and his staff. Russia denied interference.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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