Sudan demands Russian military leave

A new scandal erupted in Sudan after the country’s authorities banned any further construction of the Russian military base in the Red Sea. The Sudanese authorities demanded that the Russian military stop all construction work, immediately remove equipment, including radars and communications devices, and leave the country, reports Sudan Tribune, citing government sources.

A week ago, the Sudanese authorities suspended the Russian project. The newspaper believes that the agreement was terminated because Russia voluntarily sent its equipment to the Flamingo military base in Port Sudan, without informing anyone.

“The Russian facility was supposed to be located in another area, not on the base of the Sudanese army. The Sudanese military was surprised that the Russian army began to establish its base inside the Flamingo,” the newspaper notes, and reports that a Russian warship docked in the port of Port Sudan left a few hours later with equipment.

The agreement to build a Russian base in Sudan was signed in 2019, shortly before the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir. Under the terms of the agreement, Sudan would provide territory on the Red Sea, where Russia would be able to station up to four warships, including a nuclear-powered.

It was expected that the naval base would not only serve Russia’s maritime interests but would potentially be the “key” to Central Africa, where the Kremlin has interests, including in the Central African Republic, the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The new Sudanese authorities have not ratified the treaty. Meanwhile, the Russian Embassy in Sudan denies both the decision to suspend the agreement and reports of the expulsion of the Russian military from the country.

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  • англійський масон

    The Sudanese came to their senses before the catsup invaded to protect their ethnic minority living there.

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