“I am for new elections. Together with the Americans, they screwed up more ” Lukashenka presented state awards and suddenly spoke about everything in the world

An application was filed against me to the German prosecutor’s office. Let the UK have already acted, America, France. But not the heirs of fascism. Who are you to judge me? You have not yet excused yourself in front of the Belarusians for what you did in the middle of the 20th century. If you are to judge me, then Macron, Steinmeier and Merkel should also be tried  . “Yellow vests” do not need to be explained? Dozens of people were shot … Let’s take turns and me there. The G7 countries demanded to hold new presidential elections in Belarus: I am in favor. Together with the Americans: they screwed up more, wiped their feet on Trump. What you, journalists and security officers, told about the  assassination attempton me – these are flowers. The berry has not yet been shown. But we will show – and you will be horrified. We got the case going thanks to ordinary people, including when the conspirators were looking for a cellar to hide my sons. Scoundrels. On May 9, the opposition is urged to take to the streets. I immediately thought: under what flags? Will you unfurl the bel-chyrvona-white flags and go to the veterans? The opponents of the authorities understand that we will not be able to allow them to defile this Victory with the flags of traitors. Zugzwang is complete. Yesterday we received our Belarusian vaccine against coronavirus in a test tube. As doctors call it, a live vaccine. Let’s see what will happen the day after tomorrow, when the disease changes. We will adapt the vaccine to the strain we have. Who knows how life will turn out.

(c)MEDUZA 2021

One comment

  • “Together with the Americans: they screwed up more, wiped their feet on Trump.”
    The only screw up Americans did was to elect and narcissistic sociopath like Trump in the first place.
    The man swore to up hold the Constitution and then set about undermining it to the best of his ablity.


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