Just who’s threatening and bullying over Taiwan and Ukraine?

**Chicom propaganda pumping out the same well-rehearsed kremkrapp that has been seen since 2014 and adding their own Chicomprop into the mix

Western political opportunism at exploiting the tensions and instabilities in both places has been explained away by an unquestioning media while portraying outside interference as self-evidently justified and politically necessary


The Group of Seven developed nations has castigated China and Russia over “threats, bullying and rights abuses” against Taiwan and Ukraine. But seen from the perspectives of Moscow and Beijing, it’s the West, led by the United States, which has been far more threatening and provocative.

By interfering in the relations between mainland China and Taiwan, and between Russia and Ukraine, the West has deliberately inflamed their situations and made them much more difficult to resolve. In many ways, Ukraine is to Russia what Taiwan is to mainland China.

Given their respective historical and cultural connections, nationalistic identification, and economic and geopolitical importance, the stances taken by Russia and China are far more justified, or at least understandable.

But of course, the rational and nuanced aspects of Chinese and Russian policies towards Taiwan and Ukraine are rarely explained in the mainstream Western press other than as belligerence, intimidation and threats. Instead, Western political opportunism at exploiting the tensions and instabilities in both regions is explained away while portraying intervention as self-evidently and morally justified, and politically necessary.

Whatever the rights and wishes of the Ukrainian and Taiwanese people, Russia and China have legitimate interests which deserve to be addressed rationally and peacefully without Western governments adding fuel to the flames. That’s even harder to do when the mainstream Western media will not even address those core concerns.


The ties that bind Russia and Ukraine run deep into historical times and forward into the present. Economically and strategically, Ukraine was the most important of the Soviet republics to communist Russia. It generated the equivalent of almost one-fifth of Soviet Russia’s gross domestic product, 60 per cent of coal reserves, 40 per cent of agriculture and most titanium for steel production. Geographically, Ukraine was, and still is, crucial to Russia’s access to the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.null

Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, and Konstantin Chernenko all had family roots in Ukraine while Yuri Andropov was the head of KGB, the Soviet secret police, there. In other words, every post-Stalin Soviet leader had a deep Ukrainian connection before Mikhail Gorbachev.

Historically, as far as Russian patriots are concerned, medieval Kievan Rus marked the origin of Russia and its empire. “The Russian state,” wrote Francis Fukuyama in The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution, “originated in the area around Kiev at the end of the first millennium when it was a major trading depot connecting northern Europe to the Byzantine Empire and Central Asia.”

Post-Soviet Russia remained Ukraine’s most important trading partner, at least until the collapse of the Moscow-friendly regime of Viktor Yanukovich in 2014. Since then, Russia has been conducting economic and open warfare, including the annexation of Crimea, which has long been the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea fleet.

More impartial Western political scientists, such as John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago, have argued Russia was pushed into such “defensive” actions by Western incursions to the edges of Russia’s borders, despite a promise not to.

In February 1990, to convince Gorbachev to agree to German unification, then US secretary of state James Baker promised that Nato troops would not be allowed to move beyond 300km east of Poland. That promise was obviously broken long ago. To add insult to injury, Washington had for a long time denied any such promise being made; only recent archival retrieval has proved the existence of the American guarantee.

Today, Ukraine’s army is on a “convertibility” programme of operations and command with Nato, and is on a waiting list to join the Western military alliance. Is it any wonder that Russia is nervous? As Mearsheimer once said, imagine Russia setting up military bases in Canada or Mexico. You can be sure the US would invade its neighbours without a second thought.


Many readers of this newspaper know far more about Taiwan-mainland relations than me, so it’s hardly worth repeating here.

Like most people in post-Soviet eastern European countries, many Ukrainians see Russia as in the past and the European Union as their future. That’s perfectly understandable. Likewise, many Taiwanese, especially the younger generations, do not want to consider mainland China as part of their future. But things are even trickier with Taiwan than Ukraine, because of the “one China” policy on both sides of the Taiwan Strait and for the US.

An independent island joining an Indo-Pacific military alliance extending along two oceans led by the US would create a chokehold on mainland China. Even without the question of national unification, it presents not just a security, but an existential threat to Beijing that no rational government could possibly accept. That is why many military experts have argued Beijing will take pre-emptive actions should Taiwan threaten such an eventuality.

Every time or every move Washington makes to encourage the island down such a path will push everyone closer to war, one that would have catastrophic consequences not just for Taiwan and the mainland, but the entire region and the world economy as well.

China and Russia will not go away. Their legitimate security and economic interests cannot be ignored if peace and stability are the goals. Of course, one should never assume those are Washington’s policy; but rather, perhaps, the opposite.


  • The SCMP used to be a pleasure to read in the old days when it was the newspaper of record for Hong Kong. I used to enjoy reading it with a Hong Kong breakfast on my occasional visits.
    Sadly it was taken over in 2016 by the chicom lie machine and is now putrid. Poor Honkers; it’s people had a great life and now it’s turned to shit.
    Disturbing but not surprising that the Chicoms have so enthusiastically taken up putinazi lies.

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  • An interesting statement from another article on the myths of NATO enlargement and promises, which never existed.

    “As long as Russia shirks an honest debate about why so many of its neighbors seek to orient themselves towards the West, this will not change – and the NATO-Russia relationship will remain haunted by myths of the past instead of looking to the future.”

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “In many ways, Ukraine is to Russia what Taiwan is to mainland China.”
    The truth can always be said, even if it hurts badly. Both Ukraine and Taiwan are sovereign nations and in the case of Ukraine, it is a Ukrainian people, society and language, apart from the Ruskie one. The chinks are every bit as bad in geography and history as their little ass givers, the Ruskies. One of the worst things to tell a chicom is that Taiwan is a sovereign nation and I will reiterate this FACT here and now!

    “Their legitimate security and economic interests cannot be ignored if peace and stability are the goals.”
    Both mafia land and bat virus land DO NOT have legitimate “security” goals. Their goals are to expand their influence and control over others. Their economic goals should be undermined NOW! This will be the only thing outside of a shooting war that will bring lasting peace and stability for it has shown that when both countries have money it brought power and influence to the criminals in Moscow and Peking and hence, trouble for the world.
    This article is but one more reason why I struggle with all my might never to buy anything that is made in bat virus land.

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    • Good comment facts. I would rate Russia, China and lzlamonaziism as the key threats to the world and in that order. However there is a fourth : revitalised Marxism, which is manifesting itself intellectually in America via ‘critical race theory’ and via its thug wing : blm/antifa.
      I will post an article on this shortly.

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      • onlyfactsplease

        I agree fully with you, Mr. Scradge. A resurgence of leftism is indeed a serious threat to us and to our culture. We are fast approaching a wackiness level unprecedented in history.

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    • Exactly. One nation cannot just claim another nation because they are bigger. And just because there are historical ties doesn’t mean they have to be one nation. Wow, they speak Portuguese in Brazil so perhaps Portugal should claim Brazil? He even said himself that the history goes back to the 1st millennium in Kyiv. but the next sentence should be Moscow arrived 5 centuries later. There are clear differences between Ukraine and Russia, also with China and Taiwan. Have we not learned from the yoke of Communism yet.

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      • Another almost exact parallel would be if Britain decided that Australia is in fact British and in reality Australia is a fake country because they all speak English anyway and yearn to be British. Accordingly Britain then invaded New South Wales, renamed it New Britain and started dishing out British passports.
        Would the far left and far right political and media world suddenly unite and explain how Britain is righting a terrible injustice? Would Ron Paul and his scummy son be writing endless articles and making speeches about it? Would Tucker Carlson proudly announce that he is rooting for Britain in its war with Australia?
        Would Britain then be saying to everyone else : ‘the sea and air space in and around NSW is closed and if anyone objects, do not forget: we have nuclear weapons!’
        Yet this absurd crap is what fucking putlerstan have been getting away with for years. Makes one’s blood boil.

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        • Only white Christians are approved for criticism and discrimination by the Communists so I wouldn’t worry too much about the fringe Right.

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          • The fringe right; as personified by the Pauls, Alex Jones and Michael Savage, I wouldn’t worry too much about. But the mainstream right who ‘root’ for putler, such as Carlson and Ingraham, I seriously worry about. Also Jones, who is an exceptionally evil freak, unfortunately has huge viewing figures.
            You might remember I often mention Mark Levin to you. As far as I am aware, he is the only Trump fan who hates putler. I often listen to his podcast. Although I have never seen it, he also has a weekly show on Fox.
            Mark is (again as far as I know; please let me know if you know another) is the only mainstream journalist to have correctly described the putler regime for what it is : fascist. Isn’t that shameful?
            The only writers who use that word in relation to the rodent can be occasionally seen on these pages and they tend to be exclusively the contributors to sadly super-minority outlets such as Euromaidan Press.

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            • I am more worried about Socialists and Communists than a few Libertarians with pipe dreams.

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              • Who are you referring to?

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                • Probably a few of the Libertarians on your blacklist.

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                  • Blacklist is a good term for them if you mean the ones I mentioned, such as the Pauls, Alex Jones, Michael Savage, Carlson and Ingraham? I like libertarians; I am one myself. But surely you don’t believe any of those evil putler jackboot-lickers to be libertarians?
                    You are right to be worried about communists and socialists, but only from a domestic USA standpoint. Did you see my posting of a brilliant article from the NYP about critical race theory? Highly recommended.
                    But as mentioned before, I can only find one putler-groveler in the Dems; Gabbard. Do you know of any others?

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