Pro-Russian trolls wrote comments under the texts of the British media to misinform Ukraine – British Foreign Office

The comments were written in order to create a picture of public support for the aggression against Ukraine.

Foreign Minister Dominique Raab accused Russia of “extremely bad behavior” and said that Britain was “exhausting” work with Vladimir Putin because of fake news and misinformation, writes, citing The Times . 

A study initiated by the British Foreign Office showed that pro-Russian trolls make provocative statements in comments under the texts of The Times, Daily Mail. The Sun and the Daily Express to create the misconception that society allegedly supports Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. 

Raab added that the G7 countries will consider ways to create a rapid response to counter Russian propaganda, writes Reuters .

” We see this lie and propaganda or fake news spreading, we can not only come together individually but also to refute and openly tell the truth to the people of this country, as well as Russia, China and the world ,” Raab said. 

Britain will soon intensify its fight against Russian propaganda, based on the results of a study of a Russian troll factory aimed at the national media and working to spread pro-Moscow views. 

It will be recalled that in March, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared Russia the main security problem of his country . He also noted that London will expand its presence in space and cyberspace and increase nuclear weapons.

As reported by Media Detector, the EU said that Russia is spreading misinformation about Western vaccines.

Earlier, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky stated that Russian disinformation is blocking reforms in Ukraine and has a deadly effect.

(c) Detector media


  • “Britain will soon intensify its fight against Russian propaganda, based on the results of a study of a Russian troll factory aimed at the national media and working to spread pro-Moscow views.”

    At least the government is aware of this war Russia is engaged in with the West, but it’s not only the trolls that need sorting out, but the authors writing pro Russian garbage in these newspapers/websites.

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  • Occasionally the Mail would allow Ed Lucas to write a rebuttal to Hitchens’ evil kremprop. But such articles have not appeared for more than a year. Hitchens has been on the Mail for maybe 13-14 years and must be exerting influence with the editorial team, since their vile news items this year all glorify fucking putler.
    I have asked the Mail to give the right of reply to the Ukrainian embassy in London, so we will see. I expect fuck all from those pricks. br />
    Meantime scum like Galloway, Salmond and that Anglo-Iranian rat whose name I forget, are free to broadcast lies on RT, which is avidly watched by ukip scum and far left scum.
    British media comments sections, like in the US, are infested with paid kremtrolls, but I don’t particularly care about them. The Hitchens fans/kippers are the ones I want hung, drawn and quartered. Ditto the turds who follow Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage etc in the US.

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    • Adam Piggot doesn’t have a huge reach, but he banned me as an “infiltrator” for posting the truth about Ukraine and Putin. Vox day has a greater reach and he has swallowed Putin’s propaganda hook, line, sinker and fisherman. When it comes to being called on the trash they post, their reactions are entirely those of a gamma boy. So much for Day’s superior intellect.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Good grief! We’ve been hearing this sort of crap since mafia land’s land-grab and starting the war in Ukraine but no consequences can ever be seen. The mafia propaganda sewage pipes keep spewing out shit lust like on day one and even many Western politicians and journalists have done their fair share of spreading lies and disinformation. When will we see the West defending itself on the propaganda frontlines? Why are jellyfish so prevalent in the West?

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