Bellingcat spokesman Hristo Grozev says when the investigation into the “Wagnerians” will be released

Bellingcat’s investigation into the disruption of a special operation to detain the militants of the private military company Wagner should be released after the summer of 2021, but the text version will appear online earlier.

Bulgarian journalist and investigator, Bellingcat representative Hristo Grozev  told about it on Espresso TV.

According to him, the production of the film was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic and restrictions on movement, as well as due to complex and lengthy data validation procedures.

Grozev noted that the text of the investigation will appear online before the meeting between Putin and Zelensky scheduled for June.

“We will first make our investigation in the text version. As soon as possible. I hope that it will definitely be in the coming weeks , “the journalist said.

We will remind, on July 29, 2020 in Belarus security officers reported detention of 33 fighters of the unofficial private military Wagner company. Despite Ukraine’s requests for the extradition of the militants, the Belarusian authorities handed them over to Russia.

The editor-in-chief of, Yuriy Butusov, later said that it was a special SBU operation that wanted to lure and seize Russian mercenaries who had taken part in the fighting in Donbas. 

However, after the security forces reported these plans to the President’s Office, the special operation failed. The media suspect that there are people in the president’s inner circle who could “merge” this information to the enemy.

The Office of the President, the Security Service of Ukraine, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine and the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine reject this information.

Sources at Ukrayinska Pravda indicated that the President’s Office was very afraid of the release of the Bellingcat investigation.

In turn, reported that the  Office of the President of Ukraine allegedly tried to persuade the British intelligence service MI6 to prevent the release of the investigative film Bellingcat . British intelligence said there was nothing they could do about investigating journalists for freedom of expression.

Photo: Bellingcat

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  • “Sources at Ukrayinska Pravda indicated that the President’s Office was very afraid of the release of the Bellingcat investigation.”

    I’m not surprised. If Bellingcat have investigated this act of sabotage with their usual thoroughness, a lot of traitors in Zelensky’s government are going to be exposed.

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    • Bellingcat is an excellent and reliable organisation. However, they should ask themselves one question before releasing this production: who stands to benefit? If the answer as I suspect, is putlerstan, then surely the screening should be delayed until after the war?
      It can be showed in private to senior representatives of the Ukraine govt and its security services. Also to British and US security.

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    • Well, someone alerted the Moskali after planning this for 2 years and it sounds like the lid is getting blown off of it. My guess is it was Zelensky himself.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Exposing traitors is one thing. Throwing them into a filthy prison hole (as should be) is yet another. I’m very curious about the results.

    Liked by 5 people

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