President’s Office condemns march on occasion of creation of Halychyna division held in Kyiv


The Office of the President of Ukraine has condemned the holding of a march in Kyiv to honor the anniversary of the creation of the Waffen SS Ukrainian Sich Riflemen (Sichovi Striltsi, SS) division Halychyna.

An official statement on this matter was released late on Friday.

“Due to the fact that a so-called march to honor the day of the creation of the SS Halychyna division during World War II by the Nazis took place in Kyiv, we consider it necessary to note that the small number of participants and the manipulation of the organizers with submitting an application to hold the action cannot be grounds for even trying to justify this situation,” the Office of the President said.

The office also stated about “categorical condemnation of any manifestation of propaganda of totalitarian regimes, in particular the National Socialist regime, and attempts to reconsider the truth about the World War II.”

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  • They want to provoke the ruskies. I doubt they are nazis. After all the real nazis reside in the Kremlin.

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    • Well, since Nazi and Soviet symbols are banned what are they going to do? Wave beer mugs in the air? I hope they don’t use any illegal Nazi symbols because they will end up on RT 7 million times proclaiming the entire State now loves Hitler….and just in time for the Soviet parade next week.

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      • onlyfactsplease

        The local mafia propaganda sewage pipe on UAWire called Screwdriver already has posted a comment about this march on there. I’m sure all the other mafia propaganda sewage pipes across the www have done so too. There is nothing more they like than lying to the world that there is a Nazi regime in Ukraine.

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  • англійський масон

    quora had a ‘question’ about it.

    Usually when any propaganda is spewed it is really a statement such as in this case ‘Does it mean Ukraine is a nazi state when thousands of neo nazis marched in Kiev (sic) and other cities on April 30th?’

    Trolls and scum inhabit the web, no infest the web.
    If the paedo cocksucker spent as much on improving the lives of his subjects instead of on wet dream weapons and propaganda it would or could be a great country.

    But then I suppose he wouldn’t get away with sucking Schoolboys.

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