U.S. Embassy in Russia stops issuing all visas except diplomatic

The American Embassy in Russia will stop processing applications for all nonimmigrant visas, except diplomatic ones, from May 12.

“The actions of the Russian government forced us to cut our consular staff by 75%,” TASS quoted the statement of the US Embassy in Russia.

The embassy, according to a message in English published on the diplomatic mission’s website, also warns that in this situation there may be problems with the provision of services for US citizens, including changing passports and issuing a birth certificate.

The US Embassy also reminds American citizens who, due to the covid pandemic, were allowed to stay in Russia with an expired visa without issuing a new one, that by June 15 (the expiration date of the new rules) they need to leave the Russian Federation, or independently take up the paperwork required to to stay in the country legally.

Recently, the US Embassy in Russia has issued immigration and nonimmigrant visas only in cases where interviews with applicants were not required.

Russia on April 21 declared ten employees of the US Embassy in Moscow persona non grata. They must leave the country by May 21st. The United States expelled 10 Russian diplomats from the country under the same conditions.

In addition, Russia has banned US diplomatic missions from hiring administrative and technical personnel from citizens of the Russian Federation and third countries. 450 people work in US diplomatic missions in Russia, Kommersant wrote , how many of them are Russians is unknown, but we are talking about dozens of employees. The United States employs almost all of the administrative and technical personnel of its diplomatic missions abroad in the host country. The previous time, the newspaper pointed out, Moscow introduced such restrictions in 1986, and then the US ambassador had to carry himself to work, and his wife had to serve guests at receptions.

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