The European Parliament demanded to disconnect Russia from SWIFT and refuse to import Russian oil and gas in the event of an invasion of Ukraine

The European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for a reconsideration of relations with Moscow if the aggravation of the conflict on the border between Russia and Ukraine leads to a direct invasion of the Russian army into Ukrainian territory.

In this case, the resolution emphasizes, the European Union must immediately stop the import of Russian oil and gas, freeze the assets of the oligarchs associated with the Kremlin and annul the visas issued to them.

In addition, the authors of the resolution believe that in the event of aggression against Ukraine, Russia will need to be excluded from the SWIFT payment system.

The resolution also expresses support for the Czech authorities in the  diplomatic conflict with Russia and calls on Moscow to release the politician Alexei Navalny.

The resolution was supported by 569 MEPs out of those present at the meeting, 682, while 67 voted against.

Russia in March increased its military presence near the borders of Ukraine, explaining this with exercises. Observers called the concentration of troops the maximum since 2014 and assumed that this was an attempt to put pressure on Ukraine and the United States. Shortly after US President Joe Biden offered to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced the end of the exercise. 

The resolutions of the European Parliament are not formally binding for the EU member states.

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  1. Such a measure would have been effective but I think that it would have taken months to discuss it first and in the end, the measure would have been so late and so watered down that it would have been utterly ineffective. This is the way the EU works.

  2. “The resolutions of the European Parliament are not formally binding for the EU member states.”

    Then it’s a meaningless vote, from a meaningless organisation. What is the point of a European Parliament, if it’s resolutions are not binding? Might as well send them all home, and save the taxpayer millions of euros a year.

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