Kuznya on Rybalsky may stop work due to authorities, thousands of people will lose jobs – statement

Kuznya on Rybalsky may stop work due to authorities, thousands of people will lose jobs - statement

Due to “systemic illegal actions of the authorities,” PrJSC Kuznya on Rybalsky plant may stop operations, which will lead to the loss of thousands of jobs and undermine the defense capability of Ukraine, according to an official statement posted on the company’s website.

It notes that the staff and management of the plant regard the actions of the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) and the Prosecutor’s Office, which on April 28 conducted searches on the territory of the plant, as “one more proof of deliberately bringing the enterprise to bankruptcy and disrupting the fulfillment of its contractual obligations to the Ukrainian army in the conditions of the Russian aggression.”

“The SBI has been terrorizing the plant for more than one year and knows very well that there was not a single case when Kuznya did not provide the available documents at their request. Consequently, there was no legal need for a search. Its true purpose becomes clear in view of the fact that the investigators went beyond the ruling of the famous Pechersky District Court and illegally seized any documents that they came across, and not only those determined by the decision of notorious judge Sokolov in the framework of criminal proceedings against officials of the Ministry of Defense, which is investigating the building of three armored assault boats Centaur LK, Stanislav and Malin,” the company reports.

They clarify that the price of these boats, depending on the configuration, “is at least two and a half times lower than the cost of foreign analogues, which, moreover, in 2016, no one sold to Ukraine.”

“And even more so, and combat modules for them, which it was also decided to produce in Ukraine, because at that time Western partners refused to supply our country with lethal weapons,” the statement says.

It notes that these boats are pilot projects, therefore, changes in the tactical and technical specifications for their manufacture are “natural and inevitable” in this case.

“They are determined by the customer, in this case the Ministry of Defense, and the plant must take them into account,” the company emphasizes.

Reportedly, the readiness of the three assault boats averages about 90%.


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