Kremlin: time of Biden-Putin meeting impossible to set due to Washington’s hostile actions

The decision to hold a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and the United States Joe Biden is impacted by hostile steps from the American side, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as quoted by Interfax.

“We do not understand the situation, we see that in words there is a proposal to talk about cooperation in all areas that are of interest to each other. We are interested in something. Americans are interested in something. And it is only natural that we can work together,” Peskov said.

According to Peskov, the actions of the United States are contradictory. “At the same time or the day after these words, every time there is an action to counter Russia or just some hostile steps. This makes it difficult for the Russian side to analyze the situation so that the president can make a decision about this summit,” Peskov said.

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  1. Russia never explain these hostile steps in any detail, besides the usual Russophobia. Maybe Putin’s peabrain will think next time before hacking into US computers, and the consequences. Was reading article before, invading Ukraine has cost Muscovy $160 billion in sanctions alone, a lot of money for a dried up desert.

  2. The one committing hostile actions is mafia land. It is killing people in Ukraine and still has possession of stolen lands, amassed large forces along Ukraine’s borders, hacks into our computer systems and blocked off large parts of the Black Sea.
    I hope that Biden will find a strong response to this utter nonsense. And, I don’t mean an extra-large dose of Resveratrol.

    • Hostile actions = anything Putin doesn’t like. If Biden even tought of resveratrol, it would be a miracle.

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