The government demanded that Rosstat change the methodology for collecting data on the real incomes of Russians (which continue to decline)

Rosstat needs to modernize its methodology for collecting data on Russians’ real incomes. This was stated by the head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Maxim Reshetnikov at a meeting of the department’s board. 

As the minister noted, there are constant discrepancies between income data in the national accounts system and operational quarterly data, and this needs to be changed. At the same time, he stressed, “any publication of data on the income of the population attracts very close attention.” 

Within the administrative systems, we begin to compare data on the turnover of cash registers (cash registers), on the taxes that we received, taxes on personal income, and some other indirect indicators. People, of course, are beginning to compare this with their personal income, with their salaries, pensions, social benefits. This is causing a lot of discussion.

By the end of 2020, the real disposable income of the Russian population fell by 3.5%. 

In 2018, Rosstat has already changed the methodology for calculating the income of the population. As a result of that change, 1.75 trillion rubles were added to the incomes of Russians over four years, and the drop in income decreased from 10.2% to 8.3%. 

Rosstat was originally supposed to publish data on the dynamics of real incomes of the population for the first quarter of 2021 on April 20, on the eve of the president’s message to the federal assembly. However, their publication was postponed until April 29, citing the need to “clarify some data.” 

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  • However, their publication was postponed until April 29, citing the need to “clarify some data.”
    Holy Maggy…………………..change the methodology till is clear every Russian is rich,…multimiljonair in dollars, and the legal right for an inside toilet.

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  • They are going to use the methods used when counting votes for Putin. Everyone in Russia will be earning $5000 a week when they finished manipulating the figures.

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